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Personal Information Handling Policy Statement For A Managing Research And Information Task

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Task 2 - Personal Information Handling Policy Statement for Members of Staff OnlyPurpose & ObjectivesThis policy covers all standards and procedures consisting of 'Processing and Controlling' personal data, staff understanding their roles and responsibilities, staff training, following the Health and Safety policy during beauty treatments, monitoring and reviewing individuals and the eight data principles that governs all use of personal information which the Spa must comply unless an exemption applies.The policy helps to promote the business by attracting all types of customers in all advertising and marketing purposes, all client database is protected, making sure that each employee ...view middle of the document...

1-7 pg.1)Data Protection Act (1998) and DefinitionsThe purpose of the Data Protection Act (1998) is to protect the rights and privacy of all individuals and to ensure that data about individuals are not processed without their knowledge and are processed with their consent whereas possible ( pg.1). The act also covers personal data stored electronically on a database with all client confidential details. The Data Protection Act 1998 has been replaced by DPA 1984 which officially came in the legislation on the 1st March 2000. This act applies on processing personal information manually on paper records and storing personal data electronically on the system (Fda Managing Research Information - DPA Handout (pdf) pg.1).This legislation sets out requirements and rules for processing data. The key terms are written in bold text. These are:'Personal Data' is information about individuals stored manually on paper records, the same use as they are stored electronically on computer systems. 'Data Subject' is the main person of the personal data.Those who decide how and why the personal data is stored and processed are the 'data controllers'. Data controllers must comply with good information handling which are outlined in the eight 'data protection principles'.Personal data covers both facts and opinions about an individual. This includes information about the intentions of the data controller towards the individual. (University of London (2008) para.1 pg. 1)'Processing' means obtaining, holding and disclosing personal data. Processing data is necessary for the performance of a contract with the individual and to protect the information (Fda Managing Research Information - DPA Handout (pdf) pg. 2). Data Protection Principles 1. Processed fairly and lawfully - Processing data depends on how efficient the business is and how you should store the information by law and accurately. 2. Held and used only for specified and lawful purposes - Data must be used for business purposes unless this is done with the consent of the data subject. 3. Adequate, relevant and not excessive - When booking treatments as packages, family names will be only processed into one data only or separate if it is relevant and to those who have paid their balances and deposits. 4. Accurate - The spa must ensure that all personal data is up-to-date by the customers to help reduce errors and legally inform the client about the changes made. The possible checks can be made such as pilot testing, validation checks (restricting the minimum characters and the order the data should be in, verification check (verifying the password) 5. Not to be kept for any longer than necessary - Organisations must ensure that personal data are not kept for longer than that is required. 6. Processed in accordance with the rights of the individual (the data subject) - Organisations will ensure that personal data are processed under the DPA. This includes one...

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