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Personal Narrative
One day I woke up it was an early cold Monday morning.I was woken up by something I realized it was my mom and she said it was time for school I asked her what's school she said it's this nice place where young kids like me go to learn and play and meet new people. It sounded kinda fun at first but then I asked how long will we be there she said she wouldn't be there just me. I immediately didn't want to go anymore because as a small kid I always wanted to be with my mom and the thought of not being with my mom scared me.
So after a bowl of cereal and a cookie it was time to go. My mom said I looked at the digital alarm clock I had and it said 7:00 AM at this point I was getting more and more nervous the closer we got. I have always walked by it but never thought I would be going there myself. When we got there we were introduced to the principal and he asked for my name then he looked at his clipboard which I'm guessing had names and classrooms numbers then he told me which class to go to so I can meet my teacher. Comment by JOCELYN GOMEZ: Don't be afraid to describe how you feeling during these moments. Feel free to add figurative language to describe them!
Since it was the first day of school they actually let parents go with their kids to get settled with the classroom and to get used to things. I don't remember the teacher’s name at all so I'm just gonna call her Ms.Garcia,but when I first saw her I thought she was mean but when she talked her voice had a nice tone she asked my name then told me where to sit. She told us her name,how long she's been teaching and stuff like that, then she told us the class rules and things we would be learning throughout the year Comment by JOCELYN GOMEZ: This would be a great moment to add some dialogue...

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