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2nd Period Clary Quinn: Personal Narrative
Have you ever felt like Dorothy, where you try to find shelter then all of the sudden everything goes black? I have been in that exact situation before. I was scared to death but I was determined to get back to the place that I love, home. Though at the time I only wish that I would have known what kind of monsters, demons, and thoughts that i would have on the way.
The date was august 8th,2013. The school had just been dismissed and the weather was great outside. At the time I was staying with some friends who were taking care of me since my dad had recently been incarcerated. Just as I reached for the handle of the boys and girls club I heard a car horn behind me and my brother. If only I hadn’t have turned around and got in that car or agreed to go anywhere other than home I wouldn’t have experienced the pain that I did that day.
I walked up and got in the car, closed the door and prepared for the worst day in my life. With a slight lurch the car started forward and within a few miles they had told us the devastating news...we were being placed put in the foster care system. I counted the tears that i cried that day, there were only two. As I sat there in the car feeling alone and hurt i started to shut out every happy memory, because now in this new home the would not be cared about. I shut out my feelings,because they would no longer matter. I shut out every little piece and crum of my past.
As we got closer to the DCBS foster care facility I started to imagine all of the things that could possibly go wrong in this new home that I was shortly going to be put in. For starters I could have been separated from my brother, who was really one of the only things that I had left to actually live for. I could end up in a worse position than what I had originally started in. I could never see my real family again. I started to feel like i was drowning again, and before i knew it, we were at the doors of DCBS. All I could think was “God, if you ever loved me then please make sure that my brother stays with me”.
I felt a slight breeze as the doors opened. I looked around carefully studying everything around me like i usually do when i go someplace new. We walked up to the front counter where a nice brunette lady stood and asked us our names. Determined not to let my fear show or effect me in anyway I lifted my head, slid over to my brother and said in as bold and brave of a voice that I could muster, “Cody and Haili Hill, and i’m pretty sure we are here to meet two complete strangers that will, for some reason take us into their home in which we do not need, nor do we need to be here at all so if it's okay with you and your boss or whatever I would like to get this over with.” The lady...


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