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The purpose of this paper is to reflect my personal experience working part of a group in Assignment 2 using the concepts and theories from Topic 6 of Groups and Teams. My reflection has grasped my ability to learn and recommend strategies to manage performance of the team.
Through the brief background introduction of the students, this gave me an insight of each person and the groups. I joined Group Report 01 because I felt they were the most down to earth bunch of colleagues with life experience, who were open to ideas and seem to have a good support attitude. Being accepted immediately created a high motivation to do well. The first week was a combination of forming, storming and initial integration stages of the group, (Wood, et al., 2019, pp. 221-222). For example, the members got to know each other in the first week, understood the objective, allocated tasks and coordinated the schedule. While deciding on responsibility of the tasks, I had already started on Section 1 task and volunteered the Introduction task, as it was closely related to my part. The total integration is the next stage where team members interact with each other’s ideas and discuss their creative views, (Wood, et al., 2019, p. 222). I regularly forwarded my drafts to the group, as I understood others required this information to be able to do their work and welcomed any comments. I believed we worked as an effective group, by completing my section on time and continually sharing information, which created motivation, good impression of the group’s characteristics and set the work pace, (Wood, et al., 2019, pp. 211-212). The adjourning is the last part of the group development, (Wood, et al., 2019, p. 222). As each member had a tight schedule and was reunite at the end to achieve the word count requirement before adjourning, I realised we were a successful team and I would be glad to work with them again in the future.
Recognising that our team members worked very well on an independent to interdependent levels, (CSU Charles Sturt University, 2019, p. para 2). For example, I worked independently to complete my section with practically minimal supervision, we still had to coordinate the work and rely on each other to get the work done, which is on an interdependent level. It could be argued that even though I had minimal group communication with the whole team that could have resulted in poor decisions and issues. However, I understood the urgency and time management to meet deadlines for a successful outcome. This seem to override the lack of group communication by having strong group task performance. I regularly communicated with Matt Bridges informing him of my updated work and giving information for other sections was posted on Interact2. In the beginning I had requested to join the messenger group, but when nothing happened, I was too scared to ask again. Apparently, another me, ‘Suzan Rundle’ was added to the messenger group and this was only amended a week prior to...

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