Personal Response On Self Determination And The Need For Hard Work To Find Success - English - Essay

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“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard
work.”The words of Colin Powell inspire everyday people to make their extraordinary dreams
become reality. In life we each have our dreams as to what our future will look like, but we
cannot possibly expect our dreams to happen on their own. Believing that our dreams will one
day suddenly come true is only a fantasy, without putting in effort it is unlikely you will ever be
achieve your dreams. By not blindly chasing our dreams, but working directly for them to
become a reality we are able to make a difference not only for ourselves but for those around us.
Although the sources differ, they both present the idea where Martin Luther King speaks on
behalf of his dream, whereas Perce talks of the great Trans-Atlantic expedition he hopes to take
part in.
In the source, picture of Martin Luther King giving his famous ‘I Have Dream’ speech
perfectly embodies how we must fight for our dream to become reality. People easily could
relate to his speech of which people should not be judged based solely skin color, but off of the
content of their character. Without Dr. King's speech he would never be able to live in the world
he desired that his 4 children would grow up in. His speech help shine a light on the racial
injustice and hate crimes that regularly took place, that were once the societal norm. This
drastically changed the treatment of racial minorities, for the better, Dr. King’s dream not only
made his children's lives better, but was able to help millions receive fair treatment over time.
This represents perfectly how having faith and acting on your dreams can lead to many
possibilities. Even possibilities as important as starting a movement towards racial equality, but
Dr. King's dream would have been far from completed without his contribution.
While Perce had the dream to travel on the Trans-Antarctic Expedition similar to Dr.
King's dream they would have been unable achieve them without their own effo...

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