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I am always fascinated by the world of economics around us and like to follow economic issues through the news and media. My passion of Economics and Finance has led me to choose Economics as my bachelor studies and Finance as my major. I have always enjoyed areas that require problem solving, analytical and obvious implications in real life. I am anxious to combine the knowledge, aptitude, and skills with my interest in Economics. My desire to pursue further academic studies is fueled by the enriching experience I have had at the University of Bradford. Being surrounded by intellectually engaging individuals from diverse backgrounds and an academically rigorous course has stimulated my passion even more. My current degree course is a combination of Economics and a range of characteristics of Finance (e.g. Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Financial Economics, Economics and Finance of Business and Financial Markets and Institutions). This combination of subjects has enabled me to apply my knowledge to practical scenarios such as investigating and analyzing the business and financial environment including macroeconomic and microeconomic factors. Now, as I reach the end of my undergraduate studies, I am eager not just to continue my studies, but also to specialize in this subject area, which is so critically important to how the global economy operates.
Moreover, I have done several research projects independently, carrying out comprehensive research using both quantitative and qualitative techniques, to work effectively on group projects and to make comprehensible presentations as well as logical corporate reports. Hence, I believe that all these skills provide an exceptional base for both future employment and a postgraduate degree. For my final year dissertation, it involved me analyzing data over the range of 30 years for 10 different countries. To interpret the results based on this data, I made use of the SPSS statistical package. This has given me the confidence that I can rapidly learn new skills when required to do so. Furthermore, the project further developed my analytical and IT skills, particularly in the use of MS Windows packages, including Excel and Word.
I wish to apply for M.S in Finance because a master’s degree will help build on my existing knowledge and provide an academic framework for understanding some of the concepts that I gained during my undergraduate study. I want to leverage my existing skills with the knowledge of corporate finance to obtain a rigorous, demanding and rewarding position in this profession. The knowledge ...


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