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Theories suggested by Ray Kurzweil in his book “The Age of Spiritual Machines” explore the way
in which the complexity of technological advances is predicted to permanently alter human
relationships through artificial intelligence. These theories have inspired me to embrace these
advances and push the boundaries of my own imagination. As the Earth’s resources are running
out at an exponential rate, designers now face a challenge with designing sustainably which, has
lead me to try to overcome this obstacle. Product Design Engineering merges my contrasting
interests in both Sciences and Arts, and allows me to look at design from a more holistic point of
view, not simply aesthetic.
My commitment to learning about design goes beyond the syllabus, having completed an online
Creative Coding course in which I taught myself the basics of programming and was able to
program my own postcard. Working at Intel I was able to get a hands-on experience of what a year
in industry would have to offer. I carried out benchmarking tests on unreleased PCs and Tablets
and used the Oculus Rift. I also disassembled broken PC’s to find out what component in them
was faulty, replaced it and updated the PC’s software to create a fully functional machine. It also
led me to question why all electronic devices are built with planned obsolescence and how the
modular phone design created by “Phonebloks” could be easily implemented into all electronic
devices, leading to a more sustainable design. To understand what Product Design Engineering
will be like at university level I attended two taster courses in both courses I was placed in a team
to undertake an “out of the box” task in a short period of time. We were able to successfully make a
kite fly using tissue paper, three straws and fishing line. I embraced the challenge and worked well
with my peers, despite ...

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