Personal Statment: Film Studies Course University Entry Essay

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Personal Statement
I am a young adult living in a media orientated world. Film and television have been, and continue to be, hugely influential in just about every area of my life. I have always been fascinated by every aspect of film, from the way in which various creative industries lead in the process of production, to the way in which they are received by the audience and the impact they can have on cultures, societies and individual lives. Having built a foundation of both theoretical and practical knowledge of the media, film and filmmaking process through previous study, I am seeking to gain more developed knowledge and experience that will allow me to grow professionally in this inspiring and exciting industry.
I’m determined to turn this passion into a career. I’ve chosen to pursue an undergraduate degree in filmmaking, in order to gain a thorough overview of theory and practice in all forms of cinematography. During my Diploma I completed a number of practical filmmaking modules and film projects, and I believe that the broader, multimedia approach of the course has shaped me into a more creative talent. My college has given me the freedom, resources and knowledge within camera, lighting and sound work and I am eager to learn more.
Film is the medium that inspired me most and I have grasped many opportunities to gain more practical experience, even in my personal life by undertaking, filming and editing my holiday experiences. I have also photographed and filmed family celebrations, which have offered an outlet for exploring more aspects of practical filmmaking, although filming on a DSLR camera does provide its limitations. My university choices would let me gain access to a range of cinematic cameras similar to those used in the film industry; this excites me and will help cr...


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3300 words - 14 pages Free century. Princeton University Press, Princeton. Carringer, R. “Collaboration and Concepts of Authorship.” PMLA. 116.2 (2001): p370, 374, 379. Caughie, J. (Ed.), 1981. Theories of authorship: a reader, Reprint. ed, British Film Institute readers in film studies. Routledge, London: p35. Chaudhuri, Shohini. 2005. “Dogma Brothers: Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg.” In New Punk Cinema, ed. Nicholas Rombes. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press

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