Personal Statment Of Fatima Ruby Ortega Mexicano For College School Essay

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Fatima Ortega
I will give back.
The first face a child sees is that of their family: their parents, their siblings, if any, and their
relatives. The rest of the world comes later. “Familia viene primero”. Family comes first. I would
not be where I am today had I not had my family. And I’d do anything for them. If they were
sad, I would try my best to crack a joke or offer to take them out to eat. If they were angry, I’d
try to console them. If there was anything I could give, I would.
That’s just how they raised me.
My family always taught me lessons that held a lot of meaning to me; like “ponte las pilas.” Put
on your batteries. My grandma would always tell me that when I did something wrong. She
would tell me that whenever I got into arguments with my cousin. Or whenever I spoke back to
my parents. Whatever I did, if it was wrong, she would be there. So would “la chancla;” The
sandal. Regardless of the punishments I received from her, todo lo que hace es para mi. She only
wanted the best for me.
I loved my grandma. Mi abuelita siempre estuvo ahi por mi. My grandma was always there for
me. I can’t think of a single moment where she didn’t care for me. And there wasn’t a single
moment where I didn’t love mi abuelita. I wanted to be just like her. She was comforting: just
being in her presence was enough to null my anxiety and dismiss my stress. And she was
beautiful. And tenacious. Like an extravagant, crimson-red rose with its glowing, petal-rich
vermillion crown of a head and thorn abundanced stem. Nothing could weigh her down.
Except... ​le han diagnosticado cáncer
She developed breast cancer. And that magnificent, unwavering flower began to wilt, eroded by
both this illness. But I could never give up on her. Every weekend, I would visit her. And...

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