Personal Story That Reflects What My Beliefs And Morals Are School Assignment

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My name/ My beginings
My name is Danyal Shahzad which is of Hebrew origin. It is a variant of Daniel which means the prophet Daniel and I like it because it is a wonderfully distinctive name with genuine depth. I got my name from my parents because they liked it and they believed that a name influences your personality and charcter. I was born in November 8 2002 in Karachi, Pakistan. My maternal grandparents names are Muhammad Salim Anwar and Najma Salim. My paternal grandparents are Muhammad Yosuf Saigol and Sakina Saigol. My parents are Anjum Shahzad and Sofia Shahzad. My sibling is my sister Zobia Shahzad.
My Roots
The most important thing about my family background is that my family is educated and liberal.
The second thing which is of great significance about my religious background is that it is based on certain values such as peace, honesty and tolerance which I try to practice in my daily life.
Lastly, the most major things about my cultural background is that it is diverse with different ethnicgroups which brings about a good blend of all communities and thus, reflects in different ways in our lifestyle right from clothes to food and festivals.
The events that have had an influence in my life are when my sister was born, and when my grandfather died. These events influenced me because they made me feel in a different way and I realized that health is very important to live a healthy life.
My favorite fairytale
My favorite is the Little Red Riding Hood and in this story a little girl named Mary is walking to her sick grandmother’s house to give her food that her mother packed to make her feel better. As Mary is walking, she encounters a wolf who asks her, “Where are you going, little girl?” “To...

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