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Personality is the mixture of qualities and characteristics that shape us as who we are. Every human being has a certain personality, which makes them unique. According to the personality test, I have a defender personality. The Defender personality has characteristics such as supportive, patient, observant, hard-working, organized and responsible. Most of my actions in life reflect all these qualities. Being supportive can be titled as one of the greatest characteristics one can have. It makes a person capable of working on a team. It gives them the intensity to share their knowledge and experience with others. I have always found myself helping other people, even if I didn’t like the person or didn’t know them. This quality gives me the capability to choose empathy over judgement.
Supportiveness also creates a great leader because to guide and motivate other people you have to be able to share your experience, time and your ideas with them. Being observant is always a sign of concentration. When you are not monitoring something, you miss out on the chance to be a better learner. People who are always alert about their actions are the ones that tend to make less mistakes in their lives. Hard work and patience are essentials in order to be successful in life or the workplace. The intensity to do hard work gives me the chance to put the extra effort into a job. On the other hand patience helps me focus on my work much better. It helps me to stay calm in the time of crisis and even motivates me to put some extra efforts to get the job done. Patience makes me more careful about what I do. It makes it easier for me to take a steady approach on a matter. It helps me ensure that things done by me match the maximum standard. Good organization skills build a healthy living style. Taking responsibility for my own work gives me the freedom to follow my personal ideas. This quality gives me the authority to decide whether I want to be dependent on others or not. I have benefited because of my personality throughout my life and hope to do the same in the future All these characteristic of my personality gives me a better chance to pursue my goal sand be successful.
My personality has some strengths which will help me in the road of success but there are some weaknesses that may act as barriers in the way of my success. One of these flaws is my shyness. I think it is a big obstacle in my life. It always makes it harder to adapt t...


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