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Duran 1
Evan Duran
Amber Tidwell
1 September 2018
Confidently Persuading
He always said “be confident when speaking, when shaking someones hand, look them in
the eyes so they know you mean business.” My father was always a great communicator, in his
line of work, face to face communication is essential in the workplace. He has to talk to a lot of
bad people who have made mistakes in life, and give them hope of a normal life again. It's a hard
job to hold, but since he is so good at expressing himself and inspiring others to change
themselves. It makes it all worth it. Through face to face communication will always be superior,
times have changed, more and more people are now expressing themselves on social media.
Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. On these platforms, the world wide web
has given the power of communication to millions of people. The most troubling one in my
opinion is Twitter. Why? Because it's much easier to say things behind a screen rather than in
person. It has become an epidemic in the world, from the President of the United States, to the
average teenage girl, millions of people have attempted at persuasion on social media rather than
an audience. You would be a fool to not realize the world is changing, but the real fool is who
lets the world change them. Expression and persuasion aren’t just any kinds of ways to show
how you are feeling about yourself or a certain thing. They are an art, when used correctly can be
used to persuade millions.
Duran 2
Subsequently, with learning about how to influence people, looking at one of the men
who persuaded millions to side with him. In one of the worst events in human history. Adolf
Hitler, had mastered the ways of persuading people, and manipulating them to believe false
truths. His tactics included using scapegoats as tools to put blame on for certain events. As well
as, using peoples hate, and fear of a Communist uprising, to influence them that following him,
would be the best thing to do for them. Individuals did not endeavor to stop him since they were
apprehensive, they were carrying on with an existence of dread. Hitler was unreasonably intense
to have the capacity to stop what he was doing. Hitler had a saying, “You as a person does not
matter, buy your people as a whole do”, which means one individual does not make a difference,
you are only rather your race in general does make a difference. Hitler completed an
extraordinary activity of influencing individuals to feel in prevalent, making an existence of
dread for all was the best way to control a great many individuals.
Aside from the evils of the world, one man, above them all did the unthinkable, master of
persuasion, and son of God. Jesus Christ. Here 2,000 years later nearly one third of the world are
followers of Christ. The bible is very powerful and has changed millions of lives. It talks about
how in today’s world we talk about dumb little thin...

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