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December 10th, 2018
Evan Williams Whiskey Ad
In this ad, the primary visual is the contrast between a woman before and after aging. The left side of the announcement shows a young, conservative and awkward woman before aging. The picture seems to be a black and white school photo, and she is wearing a school sweater with a turtleneck, very conservative. Moreover, in the image, her nervous smile presents gapped front teeth, and her round glasses graze her cheekbones. Her hair is straight and parted close to the middle. She represents the “before aging” of the ad. it uses black and white which are“ boring” colours, the ad makes a transfer to the word boring with the girl before aging. For the other hand, the right side shows the same woman but with “sexier” clothes and hairstyle, also with makeup and a tight white top with a plunging neckline which focus the attention to her breasts. She represents the “ after aging” showing a colourful and bright image. In this picture the technique of sex appeal is present; the attention of the audience is going to be caught using sexually suggestive photos. The ad is meant to attract men of any race or age. Whiskey is a drink that men are more likely to buy than women. Also, the announcement is using an attractive woman to catch their attention.
The background is the green colour which has positive associations such as abundance; darker forest greens are best used to signal wealth and stability. It is the colour of money making a transfer between the product and wealth. By the other hand, green also can represent a lack of experience as a reference to the woman who is on the left side. The pictures with the text are telling the audience that “The longer you wait, the better it gets" in reference to the amount of time ( 7 years) the product age. They are suggesting that their whiskey is better because it is aged seven years just like the woman is “ better” now that she is seven years older.
The subliminal message of this add is the suggestion of how a woman has to look like after aging in order to attract men. They suggest that she change in appearance after aging looks better, because she fits modern day beauty standards: tan skin, wavy hair, lots of makeup, tight-fitting clothes, and skinny body by showing that a woman, who is naturally beautiful, looks better in fewer clothes and more makeup. Also, It suggests that if you look like to the woman in the left side you aren’t society’s definition of beautiful, then you won’t be noticed. They state that man’s preference in the opposite sex has to look like the add.
Smirnoff Ad “Anything is possible”
The Smirnoff ad is designed for both women and men. Women are a target audience because of the idea of freedom and revolution associated with the product, and the announcement is for men too because uses attractive woman to catch their attention. Also, it uses differ...


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