Persuasive Essay Against Gun Control. Explores Past Attempts And Dangers Of A Disarmed People

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Should there be gun control? Do we the people need help from the government to set guidelines and bans out to keep us safe? If we did, would the prices we pay surmount the desired results. No, gun control is not a constitutionally sound device nor does it protect us. Gun control is not a new tool. In the past century it was used repeatedly by great rulers/dictators. However, these rulers used it as a tool to manipulate and de-power a nations people. Before Hitler took over and began his quest of racial cleansing, he banned guns from all citizens. Do you think that the stories of 2/3 of euro-jews being led to death like sheep would have been the same if they were armed? I do not. Mass gun control was also used by Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Tse Tung to de-arm and put entire nations to sleep. However, this could never happen to the United States. Our founding fathers foresaw this and enplaned a precautionary amendm ...view middle of the document...

Also, should large and sophisticated assault weapons be available? Absolutely, yes. Weapons of this caliber are close to never used for criminal acts. Also, could Sharon Tate have fought off the Manson Family with a small 5 shot pistol? No, any means we need to protect ourselves should be available, encouraged and without a doubt legal. For example, Switzerland has introduced laws requiring every house hold to contain at least one fully automatic assault rifle. To everyone's surprise, the murder rate of Switzerland in substantially lower than that of the United States. Should we adopt such a radical life style? No, but would something less extreme be bad? Another myth on gun control is the false study stating that statistics show that a household gun will more likely be used to kill a family member than defend your home. This test is an embarrassment to modern statistical studies, it is deceptiveand downright poorly executed. This test only counted the number of family members shot to that of burglars shot to death. It conveniently neglected to count criminals wounded by these firearms, criminals scared of by the crack of the shot, or even potentially targeted houses left alone due to the acquisition of knowledge that the home contained a firearm. When it all boils down, gun control is just a bad idea. It doesn't even effect criminals who's access to guns will never be infringed upon. How can we prevent potential law breaking people from getting guns with such a large black market for firearms and such a great availability in Mexico and other nations of the world. Even if you did take away all the guns of the world, people would hold up banks with bombs, knives, bow's and arrows, baseball bats, or even an long stale piece of French Bread. The way to prevent such crimes is find jobs for those people, and give them role in society. Are such laws needed when more people will die by drowning each year that death by a firearm? (4,100 drowning lost lives to 900 gun related tragedies) Should we out law all liquids? Of course not, gun control is wrong, and should be promptly abolished.


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430 words - 2 pages Gun Control has been a big controversial issue to many American citizens. “American have the right and advantage to bear arms-unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments who are afraid to trust the people with arms ” said James Madison, which is the fourth president of the United States. This means they have the right to self protect themselves even though it's a gun. With the second amendment, citizens have the right to bear arms

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2054 words - 9 pages into background checks. The only problem is the amount of time it may take to ensure that such measures are properly taken. A U.S. citizen does have the innate right to own a firearm. However, for the sake of the public safety proper precautions, measures, and strictures must be followed. One of the most famous counter arguments for stricter gun control, is that the only way to truly ensure the safety of the American people is to put guns into the

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1150 words - 5 pages men, women and children brutally killed in catastrophic events such as ‘the holocaust’, ‘the carpet bombing of Dresden’ and the use of ‘nuclear warfare by the American’s’ on Japan. Hitler’s ‘final solution’ for the Jewish problem, considered by many as the greatest crime against Humanity is a key example of ‘unimaginable slaughter’. From the 30th of January 1933 Hitler commenced ‘The final solution’. This desire for a perfect race would grow

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2036 words - 9 pages right and are against any legislation that infringes upon this right. One of the larger groups known for gun control. CSGV was founded in 1974, its mission was to fight what they saw as a growing problem of gun violence in the US. The main goal is to orderly eliminate the private sale of handguns and assault weapons in the United States. CSGV seeks to ban handguns and assault weapons from importation, manufacture, sale, or transfer by the

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1592 words - 7 pages Government might oppress the population if the people did not have the means to defend themselves as a nation and as individuals" (Holbrook 65-84). Based on this it is clear that the Founding Fathers felt that society benefited from guns in the hands of the people. Some of the first attempts at gun control was to put restrictions on how a person could carry a gun. An example of this would be when the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled, in 1850, that

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769 words - 4 pages Free ... support child access prevention laws." This tells the viewer that she or he can make this country a better place. Also, white lettering in the foreground of "" leads the viewers to know it is the right thing to do. The last part of the first message, "lost innocence," and the last part of the second message, "hand gun control," are related to each other. This leads to the conclusion that children lose their innocence due to the

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1479 words - 6 pages will access guns even if they are hard to obtain through a lengthy legal process. In California, the state with the most strict gun control regulations in the US, a couple still obtained AR-15 assault weapons and used them to kill 14 people in December of 2015 (McIntire, 2015). The pro-gun group then uses this by arguing that obviously, the background checks performed are not effective enough to prevent any mass murders, and making them stricter

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2171 words - 9 pages , anyone with malicious intent would have the upper hand against a country where guns are limited to police or other people with such power. The issue of guns goes much farther beyond the illegal market. Along with gangs and criminals acquiring guns, those who are mentally unfit to own a firearm have been known to purchase one in the past. An article on CBS News explains that issue was addressed in a bill written by former President Barack Obama

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1759 words - 8 pages successfully stood against a society which often usurps individual rights (Ropeik, 2012). These beliefs are common among those who, when placed within the theory of cultural cognition, are individualists who believe that society should allow people to make more of their own decisions by granting them independence and personal freedoms such as the right to own firearms (Ropeik, 2012). In short, many opponents of gun control see their right to possess

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941 words - 4 pages CCW license holder. After the incident had taken place, police concluded that the perpetrator had run out of bullets and was reloading when shot. The man saved 8 lives that day all because he took the initiative of carrying a gun for protection. This was just one of many incidents when a gun saved lives. While many people want to ban guns, it is our second amendment right. The second amendment states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to

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1461 words - 6 pages world. The United States’ huge number of guns stems from how easily available they are to buy. In even the most pro-gun control states any eighteen-year-old entering a Walmart can purchase a semi-automatic rifle after passing a five-minute background check, which 99% of people pass. The country has nearly 65,000 licensed gun dealers and hosts more than 5,000 gun shows nationwide. Many of which are backed and funded by the National Rifle

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1110 words - 5 pages the future of that country will consist of extreme amounts of violence, killing and danger. If tighter gun control was put into place so many more people will feel safer, happier and millions of important lives will be saved. We need to protect kids not guns . If America continues on this way then we’ll see more innocent victims, more grieving parents, more incredulity at a country that seems to ignore they have a problem. Bibliography https

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1503 words - 7 pages some of the strictest gun control laws in the US. This can be attributed mainly to gang warfare, which is another issue that must be addressed. In spite of recent mass shootings, fewer people died from gun violence than cars, smoking, obesity, and medical malpractice. The debate continues to rage on because of the wish of American conservatives to adhere to the letter of the Constitution and American Progressives to move past the seeming

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1384 words - 6 pages hop has been completely modified into a genre of music that no longer serves its original purpose: voicing the political, social, and cultural struggles of the black people.” Today’s music is poisoning young minds and influencing kids to think that things they hear in music are okay. “​Still slanging dope in the jets, huh, me and my grandma take meds, ooh, none of this sh** be new to me, f***ing my teacher, call it tutory.” In this song, “Gucci

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