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Michael Lima
Persuasive Essay
Have you ever considered the benefits of schools enforcing uniform policies? There
are numerous advantages to these policies that will better you as an individual and future
success. Schools have been enforcing uniforms for quite awhile now and the debate for it will
be never ending, however, uniforms represent a deeper meaning then what most people grasp.
It’s important to understand that wearing uniforms can prevent bullying, improved
personality and reduces the amount distraction you have when focusing on academics. The
psychological meaning behind these benefits will not destroy you as an individual, but will
improve your focus, work ethic and mental strength.
It has been proven that enforcing uniforms in schools have decreased in the amount of
individuals being victims of bullying due to appearance. Bullying has been a very big issue
for schools for a long time, it’s emotionally draining and can cause severe mental illness for
some individuals, and in some cases it can lead to suicide. This would be considered
destroying an individual. However, schools have been battling to prevent these situations
from happening by enforcing uniforms and other policies. Wearing a uniform eliminates the
bullies tactic of poking fun at their classmates clothing or physical appearance. Therefore,
this will ensure that everyone is treated equally and individual’s can build self-confidence
without being put down about what they can or cannot afford to wear.
You must be thinking how does wearing a uniform at school improve my personality?
This is due to the importance of self-expressi...

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