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Organization Pattern
TOPIC: Littering and Pollution
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To persuade the audience that littering and pollution are dangerous and harm the environment and the air around us that we breathe every day.  
PRIMARY AUDIENCE OUTCOME: I want the audience to join/support the nation wide organization that is taking action into helping the environment and going against littering and polluting the air.
1. (Attention Getter)  Environmental damage such as graffiti, fly-posting, and general littering is a menace that is becoming all too prevalent, not just in inner cities but in many communities urban and rural.
2. (Relevance) Everyone lives in this environment, people love to go visit these places with their families and go have a fun time.
3. (Credibility) I have thoroughly researched this topic and will present some of the information I found.
4. (Thesis statement) My purpose is to persuade you that today’s beaches, and other public places people like to vacation at are being polluted and harming innocent animals. This causes environmental hazards that affect each and everyone of us daily. Whether you do the polluting and littering.
5. (Preview of main points)  Today I will be talking about how badly the beaches and oceans get polluted and littered on . Then I will be talking about ways we can better the environment and change our old habits to save the environment and better our health and save the animals.
Transition:  Initially, I will take you on a stroll and a normal day at the beach and what happens while people are just there doing them.
1. The beaches today are very polluted and highly littered on from people who are to lazy to throw all their trash away appropriately.  
1. Marine litter is now recognized as a major form of marine pollution and key factor for coastal managers.
1. Investigate the perception of beach users on aspects related to solid waste pollution and quantify the input of tourism related litter to the environmental ecosystem in areas occupied by beach users.
2. Interview results indicated that beach users normally do not admit littering on the beach; believe that hazards to humans are the main problem caused by litter.
2. Daily litter input to the beach was higher.
1. Cigarette butts, followed by plastics are the main kind of litter generated.
2. Strong correlations between beach visitor density and litter generated showed that tourism is the main source of marine debris and beach contamination depends on visitor density.
3. Animals that are affected by the littering and pollution.
1. Sea turtles , mistake plastic waste for a viable food source, sometimes causing blockages in their digestive system. Plastic pollution plays a significant role. Sea turtles ...

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