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Student Number: s5103267 Student Name: Tania Zeidan
1699- Philosophy and Ethics in Education
Statement of School Philosophy
“At Rosemary High School, we take every opportunity to nurture our students by creating a self-reliant environment that teaches them to self-orient their learning. This approach allows students to be objective in the sense where they are able to develop lifelong skillsets and ensure their ability to be independent. We encourage our students to flourish and thrive based on their own natural interests. Teachers at Rosemary High School recognise the diversity between learners and use a variety of creative approaches to meet our students’ learning needs. They acknowledge that effective feedback and empowerment play a significant role in our code of ethics, as it supports students’ emotional and intellectual dimensions. Our approach is committed to understanding our students and pushing them towards actualising their potential, because meeting their needs is our priority. The function of our educational system and the work of our teachers is constructed to meet our students’ necessities with careful intervention, so that they never feel completely dependent on their teachers’ will, but rather self-direct and gratify their own talents and desires. This confirms that we defend students against dishonour or intellectual oppression; therefore, motivating them to embark on their own self-directed journey towards achieving their dreams and goals in life. Our community also revolves around creating a caring, collaborative environment based on mutual respect. We value the concept of building healthy relationships where social responsibility and personal liberty are a product of understanding one another, rather than passing judgment. This encourages our students to embrace their personal growth as it makes each one unique in their own way.”
Justification of School Philosophy
The three basic arguments that revolve around the educational system are based on humanism, academics, and vocationalism. As progressive education movements flourished throughout the 20th Century, underlying tension between these arguments have been brought to the attention of many educators (Grant & Chapman, 2013). Along with the exploration of critical questions that reflect the relationship between these arguments and education, the articulation of multidimensional perspectives can potentially aid with understanding the barriers that build these tensions up. This discussion investigates the implications of humanistic philosophy and the diverse aspects of each argument. The purpose is to reflect on the difficulties of overcoming the inevitable tension between these arguments in regard to educational systems. As each argument embodies its own pros and cons, the reason behind why the humanist argument is favoured over the academic and vocational arguments in the school philosophy above will also be delved deeper into.
The true nature of humans embodies...

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