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Philosophy Of Teaching Short But Very Good!!

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My Philosophy of TeachingIf you ask ten people what they think teaching is you will get ten different answers. At the same time if you ask ten teachers what they think teaching is you'll get twenty different answers. So, what do 'I' think teaching is? Teaching is a lot of things, and at the same time one thing; Learning.The teaching profession is dynamic, stimulating, effective, fluid, multileveled, influential, passionate, profession. Teaching includes schools, teachers, students, curriculum, but most importantly learning.Effective teaching must be mindful of the huge impact that teachers have on their students. Teaching a student allows teachers to interact at the human level. This interaction, and influence, on a child's life is more important than we realize. Therefore teachers must choose ...view middle of the document...

In order for teaching to be productive and successful, this passion for learning must be promoted as lifelong learning.Effective teaching must include the passion, touch, flavor, and personality, in order to draw the students in and engage them. The more students are engaged the more positive the results.Teaching must promote six basic attributes, the 'KSA's' and the 'Three Ts of Teaching'. Teaching is the Knowledge of the basics that are passed on, the concepts to give the students the Skills of 'effective and affective' learning, and the Attributes to be able to put the Thinking skills, Technology skills, and Teamwork skills into action.Teaching must move away from the traditional models, and be open to the changing roles of education. Teaching and teachers must change from the idea of "The Sage on the Stage" to the "The Guide on the Side". Simply put, teaching must move to teaching less and allowing students to learn more. Teachers must take on a changing role that allows the student the freedom to access the information and then teach them how to showcase and synthesize the information, taking learning to another level. Just teaching and learning the facts is not as important as it once was. Teaching must cause students to think and evaluate, taking them beyond just information; enabling them to negotiate their learning. By legitimizing the learning experience, teaching effectiveness becomes evident.To sum up, teaching is many things to different people, but the one thing teaching is to everyone is learning. Teaching should be focused on learning and the many strategies, concepts, structures, and supports to facilitate the learning process to occur. Teaching should be mindful not to get too busy presenting information that we forget the focus should be on the learning. Good teachers make teaching look easy and have come to realize that "teaching doesn't happen until learning has occurred".

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