Physical Education In School System College English 1301 Essay

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Physical Education in the School System
Jose Fernandez
South Texas College
Do you know how many students in school are overweight? Have you ever wondered why there overweight? Are you a student that is overweight ? When considering an average student’s day once they get home, complete homework, and eat dinner, kids do not have much additional time for physical activities. That being the case, (this data suggests that 71 percent of students are left with minimal chances of meeting the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity). The research of the importance of physical education shows that movement is important in educating both the body and mind for whole students. It has been seen to contribute directly to students development of physical competence and fitness. Through PE, students make informed choices and understand the value of leading a lifestyle with active physical practice. For students, PE affects both there learning and activities pattern in the school system as it leaves them motivated, successful, and alert. Preschool and early years of primary school use play activities as it is related to the development of Cognitive and motor abilities for students. Because of the high number of children who are obese schools should fight childhood obesity by requiring more physical activities and by providing healthy meals.
The physical benefits of physical activity includes safety and avoiding injury, prevention of diseases, increases their mental health, and decreases morbidity and premature mortality Elementary grades use physical education programs to emphasize the development of locomotors, non-locomotors, and manipulative skills, which are fundamental and use activities like dance, educational games, and gymnastics ( Lansbury et al, 2013). The WHO, CDC and the American Heart Association have called for all schools in America to assume the leadership role in promotion of physical activity among children and adolescents. Recent research conducted shows that school-based physical activity has some effect on reducing the rates of obesity and is an intervention program that reduces obesity prevalence in countries among youths ( Sanchez- Vaznaugh et al, 2012). Middle school students are individuals ready to experience wide varieties of applications of fundamental movements that include traditional sports, adventures activities (e.g., ropes, skiing, rock climbing), and leisure- oriented activities (like dancing, biking, roller-blading). Thus, they are capable of refining, applying and combining a variety of sport-related and lifetime skills and their rapid growth affects their interests, activity patterns, and choices. For high school students, PE leaves them with the decision-making responsibility regarding their health-related physical fitness level. Thus, PE helps these students maintain and refine their knowledge and skills for selecting activities they will use throughout their lives (Brissette, Wales, & O’Connell, 2013).
The cognitive benefits associated with PE are in nurturing their kinesthetic challenges by looking at their modalities that are auditory, physical, visual, and tactile. Those engaging in PE show superior academic performance, motor fitness, and attitude towards school. Additionally, these activates offer unique opportunities concerning socialization, problem solving, self expression, and conflict resolution. Through exploration of their physical environment, elementary students acquire knowledge, which is essential in the formation of there mental schemes. Early adolescent in middle schools see PE as a medium through which they can refine and expand their physical repertoire of skills. The physical Vivity gained from theses activity’s reduces their chance of getting sick. High school students gain an understanding of PE regarding their mechanical, social- psychological, and physiological aspects. Since they can compare and contrast, analyze and synthesize information, they can apply principles of movement in ways that are meaningful and new ( Sanchez-Vaznaugh et al., 2012)
The affective benefits of PE includes building self-esteem, and this is achieved through the appropriate levels of health- related fitness, which enhance well-being and efficacy feelings. Elementary school children performing physical activities have greater positive relations with their peers and social success and their explorations of movements capabilities contribute to feelings of accomplishment and joy. Middle school students engaging in PE are provided with unique opportunities for demonstrating socialization, leadership, and goal settings skills. Consistency is also evident to mood, self-esteem, and indices related to physiological well-being. For high school students, theses activity help them by self-directed in selecting satisfying activates (Lansbury et al., 2013)
The quality of life is improved by performing physical activists. Through it, students develop attitudes, knowledge, behavioral skills, motor skills, and confidence essential in adopting and maintaining lifestyle filled with physical activity (Brissette, Wales, & O’Connell, 2013.). It is through PE that some students become professional sportsmen and women and therefore, the activity changes their future by earning money through sports they enjoy and love doing. The arguments presented by other people about PE programs in school that it is a waste of time and rescues, but essentially, all the programs and interventions of PE are for the good of students. Moreover, PE gives students good health, and this enables them to enjoy healthy lives in the future because their body mass is consistent with the required weight advocated by health practitioners. The debate about whether to have physical activity programs in schools is a waste of time because many teachers and students are aware of the importance of PE in their learning curriculum. Therefore, parents, teachers, students, and other organizations shown to educate the body and mind of students as a whole using various strategies that reduce boredom and increases motivation.
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