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1. Your characters grouse, whisper, bellow, and ejaculate their dialogue. Said. That’s all you need and most of the time, you shouldn’t even need that. Dialogue attributions are just markers to help orient the reader—2we tend to glance over them anyway so cut them where you can. But stick to said, or ask, as proper (the character is asking a question).
2. You use italics for emphasis. I battle so many writers on this one. Without italics, how will my reader know this is a thought?4 How will they know that the character stressed that word? Because you write it so they know. With practice you’ll learn to put important words in important places, so you don’t need fancy typography to shore up the copy. For now, cut the italics and trust your reader. They’ll get it.
3. You switch POV. It’s fine to get inside a character’s head, but bouncing around from person to person within a scene is awfully confusing for the reader. Stay with one character instead, and if you must change—save it for a scene break or other clear delineation.
4. You’ve never seen a modifier you don’t love. Adjectives and adverbs are the death of good writing.8 Pick strong, active verbs instead and cut the modifier. Try this: do a search for “ly” in your manuscript and you’ll get a sense of how many times an adverb has crept into your writing. Do another search for “very.” This is an easy fix, though. Catch ’em. Kill ’em.
5. You’re showing off. Complex writing does not equal complex thought. Using b...


physical education in school system - college English 1301 - essay

1031 words - 5 pages Free PHYSICAL EDUCATION IN THE SCHOOL SYSTEM Physical Education in the School System Jose Fernandez South Texas College Do you know how many students in school are overweight? Have you ever wondered why there overweight? Are you a student that is overweight ? When considering an average student’s day once they get home, complete homework, and eat dinner, kids do not have much additional time for physical activities. That being the case, (this data

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1050 words - 5 pages Free activities around you. University, however, doesn’t have sport based on your schedule. The extracurricular schedules in school gave me enough time to do my schoolwork and play sports without having to cram in all my work. The school also provided most of the equipment needed to play the sports I wished to play. University on the other hand does not provide you with any equipment that you might need for sports. On the whole universities are a lot less

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1065 words - 5 pages University of Phoenix Physical Development in Middle Adulthood Learning Team D BSHS/325 5/24/2015 We as growing humans have a very interesting life span. We go from infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood. With each span of development in our lives also comes with challenges. While they may seem like simple challenges looking back on them or even from a perspective of a textbook, they all have an

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1406 words - 6 pages Free Untitled DeAnna Burrell October 2, 2009 Health 101 "The Soul of Love" Many times people believe spirituality only involves the spirits and your beliefs in higher powers. However, spirituality can include all aspects of an individual's life. Spirituality is defined as that which relates to or affects the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. It is a person's connection to self

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1266 words - 6 pages . This is not good as it lowers the quality of education. A good example of this impact is according to the author Lyons peter. The author narrates the problem associated with teaching with screens and electronic devices. For instance, he has banned the use of these devices in his classroom on the merit that they are more destructive than helpful. First, he quotes that his school was made an iPad school where iPad were used for teaching and evaluation

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865 words - 4 pages seeing people on a monitor screen, it will simulate a more realistic environment where the user can truly feel that their coworkers are right next to them, even if they were on the other side of the world. (4) It also has the ability to revolutionize the education industry. Rather than boring books, VR can allow students to physically engage in the environment thus causing interest and curiosity amongst learners. (4) Although VR comes with many

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456 words - 2 pages Yadielys Santiago October 18, 2018 A7 Your teaching philosophy Since I could remember, I always wanted to teach. I used to play “teacher” with my dolls, sit them as if they were in a classroom and just teach them. I have always wanted to become a teacher because I love school, and I want to help young children learn and succeed. Being a teacher to me means being able to develop a relationship with the students that will encourage them to come to

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671 words - 3 pages Tammy Castillo For this essay I will be evaluating the nonverbal communication between me and my best friend when we interact with each other. I will be focusing on the oculesics, touch and time of our nonverbal communication. My best friend is known as the outgoing one and I am the shy one. Anytime she meets someone she always gives the person direct eye contact in order to establish a relationship with them and interact with them. Meanwhile, I

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1355 words - 6 pages . Unfortunately, in many developing countries, poor families lack the funds to pay tuition fees and many children cannot attend school because their parents cannot pay for their tuition.Not only that some parents have also needed their children to work in order to bring in extra income for the family. About primary education for children, although the restrictions on educational opportunities are often due to economic, political or other reasons, the

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853 words - 4 pages Purpose The overall purpose of this article is to point out some key ideas that may increase student motivation or affect it in some way. There is always an unmotivated student, and sometimes all they need is a little support or a little push. Parents send their kids to schools to get an education, yet they are not getting the education because they are not motivated. The intended audience for this article would be the educators and employees in

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921 words - 4 pages frustration was common because occasionally, I wouldn’t be able to get my feelings across to my parents. My younger days consisted of staying at home, reading the same few books I had over and over again, and watching PBS Kids with my sister. Little did I know that soon my life would change drastically. In the spring of 2005, my mom became pregnant with my younger brother, and we were moving to a new house in a city that I’d have to learn to adapt to

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523 words - 3 pages College Essay  5th pd English 3, Kayla Hundley    I possess a common vision. I constantly work to explore the limits of nature by  exceeding expectations. Long an amateur scientist, it was this drive that brought me to  the University of Texas for its Student Science Training Program in 2013. Up to that point  science had been my private past time, one I had yet to explore on anyone else’s terms.  My time at , however, changed that

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645 words - 3 pages Growing up and being a teenager can be challenging, a constant struggle of trying to fit in, figure out who you really are, identifying your interests, while trying to be well-liked without sacrificing your values. In the midst of all the chaos of being a teenager, life decided to throw me an unexpected battle…leukemia. “Audrey, you have leukemia” is all could hear while every other sound transformed into a distant muffle—time stood still.  In

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810 words - 4 pages OFORI Would you feel safer with armed guards patrolling your school? Prince Ofori English 1200 04/26/2018 Safety in our schools is becoming the number one concerned in this country because of the shootings happening on various school premises. However, safety of schools is a not non- negotiable commodity and should be the number priority of the government. Having armed guards patrolling in schools would probably make this problem worse, even if

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457 words - 2 pages Heart Essay (Oxygenation) The heart is your most vital organ and its main job is to pump blood throughout your body. The heart’s job is to replace deoxygenated blood for oxygenated blood. This is a very complicated process that has many pieces working together simultaneously. Starting with deoxygenated blood in the superior vena cava going all the way to the aorta I will begin to illustrate how the oxygenation process occurs. The start of the