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"Journeys often lead to a greater sense of self and understanding of the world".Journeys are processes whereby travellers undergo inner growth, changes of perspective, and overcome challenges and obstacles. These changes ultimately result in the travellers gaining a greater sense of self, and a broadened understanding of the world.Aspects of physical journeys and the aforementioned changes that they initiate are reflected through a range of visual and literary techniques in Peter Skrzynecki's poems - "Crossing the Red Sea" and "Immigrants at Central Station, 1951", an extract of Kenneth Grahame's "The W ...view middle of the document...

The title of the work, "Crossing the Red Sea", suggests that the journey that the migrants are making is one of danger yet liberation - just as the Israelites made the perilous journey across the Red Sea to escape slavery, the immigrants are making their journey to leave behind their war-torn country, and to escape persecution and oppression. In "Immigrants at Central Station, 1951", vivid visual and aural imagery is used to portray the migrants' journey as one of discomfort, humiliation and uncertainty. Firstly, the paradoxical title of the work, "Memorise the Future" suggests that a journey both delves into the past - the realm of "memory", and also progresses onwards into the "future". In the extract from "The Wind in the Willows", differing perspectives of a journey are presented, and various obstacles and challenges that may present themselves throughout the course of a journey are alluded through the dialogue that takes place. The contrast between Toad and Rat's characters presents the perspectives at the initial stage of a journey, and suggests the potential for the journey to initiate change and growth, in a similar way that the migrants in Skrzynecki's poems were able to overcome the obstacles they were faced with to undergo an emotional catharsis, and Mee Ping Leung's installation that even a freeze-frame of a journey can be seen as progressing towards the future.


The essay about physical journey in the film "Cast Away" by Isaac Sohn

558 words - 3 pages Physical journey is someone or something moves from one place to another. The film, Cast Away, directed by Robert Zemeckis, shows concepts of physical journey by using the character Chuck Noland who trapped in an isolated and uninhabited island as a result of a plane crash. Through the film, Robert Zemeckis shows that physical journeys are often arduous by nature, a person can feel isolated during the journey, and a physical journey can be

Prac Essay For Area Of Study- Physical Journey "The Journey Not The Arrival Matters"

1167 words - 5 pages The statement suggesting that "the journey not the arrival matters" can be discussed either way. In the case of Lionheart, the recount of Jesse Martin's solo trip around the world, can prove this statement true as the book is written about the journey itself and the importance of the process in order to finish it. Another source, which proves the statement true, is text 2 from the stimulus booklet The Ivory Trail--an advertisement or book cover

An Essay Regarding An Aspect Of Jim's Metamorphosis (The Character Of J.G. Ballard's Novel Empire Of The Sun)

440 words - 2 pages which is China, he can see the blinding white light quite visibly. However, Jim's ability to perceive the light as a premonition of his death conveys his maturity.In addition to this, J.G. Ballard also expresses an aspect of Jim's maturity as conflicting interests regarding religion. For example, in the earliest commencement of his inner journey, Jim claimed himself to be a "professed atheist." During his physical journey to the town of Nantao in

The Way Journeys And Imaginative Journeys Are Communicated In Two Of The Stimulus Book Items 2004 "The Ivory Trail" And "Journey Into The Interior"

1338 words - 6 pages Free A journey is the distance travelled in a specified time from one place to another, whether this place is physical, inner or imagined. Imaginative journeys occur in a fantasy world, where the reader or character goes on the journey, and in the case of the character having an imaginative journey, the reader also learns from this experience. Through different mediums and techniques, "The Ivory Trail" and "Journey into the Interior" are able to

Comparative Analysis of 'Journey to the Interior' and 'Catcher in the Rye' - Year 11 - Speech

862 words - 4 pages turning one’s head, to see beyond the shadows of the cave. Though it is not wholly realised by the new sights alone. Rather, by the self-examination and the realisation that there are more opportunities than previously perceived. Therefore, a physical movement is merely a reflection of the underlying inner journey and just as physical obstacles force one to overcome them to continue to their destination, complexities in self-reflection force of one

"The Journey, Not The Arrival, Matters" - NSW 2004 Paper 1

1064 words - 5 pages age.Coleridge's imaginative experience propagates through a series of contrast: darkness & light, imagination & reality, freedom & confinement - which serve to compile in the responder's mind a better understanding of the concept of the journey as something that involves the development and rebirth of a person with new-found ideals or perspectives. His physical incapacitation induces his mood of querulous egotism - reinforced by the

Journeys Involve Overcoming Obstacles In 'Life As A House'. Discuss. - Essay On 'Life As A House' Film - Essay

689 words - 3 pages endurance and success whilst confronting obstacles, which in turn, form the basis and variety of the journeys. The prominence of the triumphing of obstacles is presented on many occasions through the physical and emotional journey of the main character, George Monroe. This character endures two diverse journeys, occurring in parallel, with each journey sustaining the lifeblood of its inverse. The physical journey of George causes great despair, as his

The Pearl

591 words - 3 pages find a trail. The prey is hunted for awhile and then finally meets the predator, but instead of losing its own life Kino loses his most treasured object, his son.As Kino he goes through the physical journey the pearl takes him on, he also encounters a physiological journey, a journey of light and dark. In the beginning of the story, the pearl represents a light because Kino's journey is virtuous. He is out to make his family succeed. But a his

Read This Poem from the Bottom Up Poem Analysis - AP Lit - Essay

572 words - 3 pages Dhanji 1 Zoya Dhanji Dr. Daon AP Literature, Period 4 10 November 2016 In Ruth Porritt’s poem, Read This Poem from the Bottom Up, he portrays someone climbing to reach their goals through different obstacles. Porritt conveys two types of journeys through the symbolism of reaching goals, and vivid imagery. The first journey, which is from top to bottom, portrayed in Porritt’s poem is fighting for your goals, but not being able to reach them just

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin - Eilis's passivity - English - Basis - Essay

1338 words - 6 pages Burst the Bubble Brooklyn​, by Colm Toibin, depicts the story of, Eilis, the main character in this book. Throughout it, she follows the “hero’s journey”, which is essentially a pattern in which different heroes of different backgrounds go through. The journey includes twelve consecutive steps that shape the story and are the building blocks of the plot. However, The hero’s journey in ​Brooklyn​ is quite an out-of-the-ordinary one, which in some

Donnie Darko - Detailed Summary/Explanation And Analysis Of Themes & Film Techniques. 'How Is Donnie Darko Relevant To An Imaginary/Inner Journey?'

1705 words - 7 pages discovery is shown through his sacrifice for Gretchen. Whilst on his imaginary journey, Donnie identifies with her troubled emotions and sinister background of family trauma. He discovers a person remarkably similar to himself, so his sacrifice in essence could be perceived as an effort of self-preservation as he was intent on ensuring continuity of his 'spirit' within a physical entity other than himself. This is a viable interpretation, relevant

Importance of Ithaca in Odyssey - Queens College - Research Paper

692 words - 3 pages Ithaca keeps him alive and motivated throughout the journey. Even though he faces different hurdles throughout his journey but he has a strong urge of returning back to his hometown. Odysseus is exiled from his hometown for long time as he was involved in a trojan war but when the trojan war was over he wanted to return back to his hometown. As he was exiled from his hometown where he was born. He wanted to return to his wife. Thus he was willing

How does Homer portray the human propensity to succumb to temptations as an obstacle? - Yale Nus - Essay

1174 words - 5 pages refer to The Odyssey. trans. Fagles, R. (2006). London: Penguin.] In The Odyssey, the many physical challenges faced by the protagonist, Odysseus, are often thought to be the main obstacle in achieving his nostos (homecoming). However, it is the psychological challenge of overcoming temptations that plays the key role in complicating Odysseus’ journey back to Ithica. These temptations, be it Odysseus’ own or his men’s, distract them from their

Comparison of storys A Rose for Emily and A Worn Path - College of Southern Maryland - Essay

799 words - 4 pages . Phoenix is an elderly, religious lady who lives in poverty and lived in the era when education wasn’t accessible or offered to African American’s around the time she was growing up. She uses a broken umbrella as a cane; not only to aid her physical deficiencies but as a weapon against natural dangers and anything that she might encounter on her journey into town. The journey she’s on symbolizes what African American’s went through in those times

the wild , book for english class - EN 102 - essay

698 words - 3 pages her physical journey and those of the life that preceded in such a way that the story is a seamless blend of narrative and reflection. These reflections are of course the real meat of the memoir, but the exercise was clearly one that took place after the hike. One gets the feeling that perhaps writing this book, and finishing after many years, was as much a journey emotionally and mentally as the hike itself. The result is very well organized