Physical Science Practical Test 2017 Overport Secondary Practical Test

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Physical Sciences Practical Task Grade 12 06 September 2016
KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education
This question paper consists of 8 pages including cover page
Name of Learner………………………………………………………………………………………………..Grade………………….
1. Write your name and grade in the appropriate spaces on the FRONT PAGE of this question paper.
2. This question paper consists of TWO OPTIONS (Option 1 and Option 2).
Choose ONLY ONE OPTION (option 1 or option 2) and answer all the questions from that option.
3. Non-programmable pocket calculators may be used.
4. Appropriate mathematical instruments may be used.
5. Show the formulae and substitutions in ALL calculations.
6. Round off numerical answers to TWO decimal places where necessary.
7. Give brief motivations, discussions, et cetera where required.
8. Separate information sheets are not attached. Relevant information you might need is as follows:
emf (ε) = I(R + r)
Learners determine the internal resistance of a battery during an experiment. They set up
the apparatus as shown below.
The following meter readings are displayed:
Voltmeter reading (V)
Ammeter reading (A)
With switch S open
With switch S closed
1.1 Record the meter readings that have been obtained by the learners in the table below:
Voltmeter reading (V)
Ammeter reading (A)
Switch S open
W =
X =
Switch S closed
Y =
Z =
1.2 Use the information in the table in question 1.1 to calculate the internal
resistance of the battery. (4)
1.3 Explain why the measured voltage reading (potential difference) in the open circuit
differs from that in the closed circuit. (2)
1.4 A learner accidentally short-circuits resistor R.
1.4.1 Calculate the current in the battery. (3)
1.4.2 Explain why it is dangerous to short-circuit battery terminals. (2)

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