Physics Paper, June 2013 Higher - 11B1 - Answer Paper

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Centre Number
Candidate Number
General Certificate of Secondary Education
Science: Physics
Unit P2
Higher Tier
1 hour 45 minutes.
Write your Centre Number and Candidate Number in the spaces provided at
the top of this page.
You must answer the questions in the spaces provided. Do not write
outside the box, around each page or on blank pages.
Complete in blue or black ink only. Do not write with a gel pen.
Answer all questions.
The total mark for this paper is 115.
Figures in brackets printed down the right-hand side of pages indicate the
marks awarded to each question or part question.
Quality of written communication will be assessed in question 4(a).
1 (a) In 60 seconds 15 sea waves pass the end of a pier.
(i) Calculate the frequency of the waves.
You are advised to show clearly how you get your answer.
Remember to provide the unit with your answer.
Frequency � [2]
(ii) The wavelength of the sea waves is 8 m.
Calculate the speed of the waves.
You are advised to show clearly how you get your answer.
Speed � m/s [2]
Examiner Only
Marks Remark
[Turn over
Examiner Only
Marks Remark
(b) Below is a diagram showing three wave fronts moving towards a solid
solid barrier
(i) Complete the diagram to show the reflection of the wave fronts at
the barrier.
In your answer you should draw:
● a dotted line with an arrow on it to show the direction of the
reflected wave fronts,
● 3 reflected wave fronts. [4]
(ii) Mark on the diagram the wavelength of the incident waves. [1]
(iii) In what way, if at all, do the frequency, wavelength and speed
of water waves change when they are reflected? Indicate your
answer by placing a tick (✓) in the appropriate boxes.
Increases Decreases Unchanged
Examiner Only
Marks Remark
(c) To study the reflection of sound from a solid object the apparatus
below was used.
electronic timer
0.0 ms
sound pulse
emitter and receiver
A pulse of sound was emitted by the device at A and the time taken
for the sound pulse to travel to the object and back again (round trip
time) was measured.
This was repeated for different distances d.
The results of the investigation are shown in the table below.
d in m
Time for the
round trip in ms
Time to travel
the distance d in ms
0.2 1.2
0.4 2.6
0.6 3.4
0.8 4.8
1.0 6.0
(i) Complete the table above by calculating the time for the pulse of
sound to travel the distance d. [1]
(ii) Using the equation below and data from the table calculate the
speed of sound.
Speed � Distance
(1 ms � 1 millisecond � 0.001 s)
Speed of sound � m/s [3]
[Turn over
Examiner Only
Marks Remark
[Turn over
(iii) Using the grid below plot a graph of distanc...

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