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This information is found in Part One, Section 2.6 of the course syllabus.
Cheating and plagiarism, as defined below are forms of academic dishonesty that violate the integrity of the academic process.
A. Violations of the Academic Integrity Policy
1. Plagiarism*
Plagiarism is stealing, or passing off as one's own, the ideas or words of another person. When students present others' words or ideas in a written assignment, they must document the source(s), as described in the MLA Handbook or as directed by the instructor of the course. Plagiarism also includes:
a. having another person write a paper and submitting it as one's own;
b. copying all or part of a paper from another student or another source, such as the internet; or
c. allowing another person to copy one's work.
2. Buying, selling, stealing, or soliciting any materials purported to be unreleased contents of a forthcoming examination, quiz, test, or project/assignment or the use of such material.
3. Substituting for another person in any of the above-mentioned situations or allowing another person to substitute for oneself.
4. Collusion with another person in the preparation or editing of assignments submitted for credit, unless such collaboration has been approved in advance by the instructor.
5. Knowingly furnishing false information to the college; forgery, alteration and or use of college documents or instruments of identification with the intent to defraud.
B. Academic Penalties
The following academic penalties may be imposed by...


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