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Planes Used In World War Two

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Planes Used In World War II During World War Two there were many different types of planes used by all countries. The U.S. used many different kinds of planes such as, fighters, bombers and, attack planes. These planes helped each side very much because of what they could do. For example, fighter planes were used in escorting Bomber planes to and from targets and if there were no escorts the bomber planes would be shot down. Attack planes were basically the same thing as Fighter planes but Attack planes could do more things like bomb and attack ships. They weren't designed for air combat as much but they could still compete in air combat.The U.S. had huge resources so they could build many ...view middle of the document...

The Fock-Wulf fw 190 was developed to replace the Me 109 when the British spitfire challenged the Germans. The 190 was a single seat fighter and ground/night fighter. It soon became superior to the British Spitfire. It had a BMW 801Dg two-row radial engine. It was also the smallest fighter that the British had ever seen and had more firepower too. The Messerschmitt Me 163 was the fastest plane in the war and it was the only rocket propelled plane to ever go into combat. This plane was single seated with a pressurized cockpit. In 2.5 minutes it could climb from 0 to 30,000 feet. It served in the war from 1944-45.The German army had the best fighter plane during the war but it was developed towards the end of the war so it couldn't do much. The plane was named the ME-362. This was the plane in world War II and was the first jet ever created. The ME- 262 dominated the air and not one pilot was killed in battle using the ME-262. More than 1400 jets were produced but only about 300 of them ever saw combat. This was because there weren't enough trained pilots and there wasn't enough jet fuel. It had four 30 mm cannon and 24 R4M under wing rockets. The ME-262 was the first jet ever made and the Germans created it.Japanese planes were believed to be second...

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