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i've been troubled recently,with thoughts of not having youi've been thinking recently,of thoughts of not seeing youi've been crying recently,of thoughts of loving youmy will has changed with the waning of the moon,as my heart he changed over the waning of my soul... for youi forgive and i obey,never leave me or i diethinking, dreaming, desiringfor you to come back and love i love you...the world will not understand,the potential that i can ...view middle of the document...

.....loving i cry for me, and i cry for youbeing apart, killing me slowlybeing near, willing me closerand at the new moon, i seek you anewand at the rising of the sun, i can't stop loving youhell and heaven may be torn apart,but my soul, he'll be waiting patiently......for could i have been so blind,the inevitable was staring me dead in the eyewhy, oh, why was i blind to my heart's eye?the thoughts keep coming through my brain,i try to think clearly, but fail miserably to my disdainoh, how i wish we were together now,how i wish we were never apart......i love heart grieves and my health takes a plunge,but my soul remains to dream of theemy mind wanders and is pulled back with vicious force,how can i have forever theei want thee, and i want thee......forever and never...may i rest free of care,in your arms, my soul to barestripped of feeling, stripped of everythingmy soul will come searchingclinging to thoughts of youi can't trust myself, and i can't trust memy whole being longs for thee......forever stopping never...i care, i care for theei die, i die for theei lie, i lie for theei cry, i cry for theei love, i love for thee... i am yours forever unto the edge of never...... falling bare, only to the pits of forever...


The Iliad Is The Poem Of Beautiful Death, While The Odyssey Is The Poem Of Timeworn, Embraceable Life. Do You Agree With This Statement?

1693 words - 7 pages In this paper I intend to argue against the quote "The Iliad is the poem of beautiful death, while the Odyssey is the poem of timeworn, embraceable life". The story of the Iliad essentially revolves around the Trojan War and multiple battle scenes are included, which would suggest that it does paint a beautiful picture of death. The attitude, however, of many of the characters is not one that glorifies death and war but rather one that laments

College Thoughts, I Want to be Like Me - English Comp I - Poem

419 words - 2 pages Chandler Bang Poem That I Wrote 2 I Just Want to be Me Author: Chandler Bang Throughout our life we have been told, that only greatness shall unfold. They make success seem so easy to acquire, yet as I sit here I know nothing but tire. Growing up was all fun and games, but now it seems as if I have made the wrong aims. They say go to school, to not do so would make you a fool. So we live and we learn

Poetry Rubric for English students - Village School - Poetry

804 words - 4 pages of it might have been done in a hurry. The final draft is not neat or attractive. It looks like the student just wanted to get it done and didn’t care what it looked like. STYLE The poem is written with a great sense of style. The poem has been well thought out and makes sense to the reader. The poem is written with a defined with style. Thoughts are clear to read and understandable. The poem is written somewhat with style. Thoughts are clear

I heard a fly buzz when I died analysis essay - College Prep English - analysis essay

427 words - 2 pages storm. In the second stanza, she talks about the people in the room with her as she passes. In the third stanza, she signs her things away, when a fly “interposed’ her thoughts. This leads to the final where she says the fly is blotting out light and eventually she is blinded. In the end, the theme of the poem is that death can be peaceful but death can be quick. Dickinson uses many literary devices in this poem to help describe the poem, such as

Poem Of Chronic Despair Assignment

810 words - 4 pages Poem of Chronic Despair ?Not Waving but Drowning,? by Stevie Smith, is a poem about chronic despair and underlying pain. Smith uses poetry as a way to express her own feelings and desires. In this poem though, she misleads the reader by using terms such as he, him, and his, inferring that the poem is speaking about someone else. However, I believe that Smith is using this wording as a decoy for her own opinions, thoughts, and ways of thinking

Farmhand Poem Analysis by James K Baxter - XYZ school, 12 CB - Analysis of poem

667 words - 3 pages Free . But his real passion is what makes him strong. What techniques are being used? Direst address to the reader – “You...” in first line, reader is instructed to “watch” in last stanza. Five stanza formal structure. Use of simple devices such as listing (stanza 1) and adjectives – “red sunburnt”, “hairy” etc that suggests rather than describe in detail. Structure and its relation to the content? The five stanza structure of the poem places the

3 Shape Poems With Paragraphs Explaining Them

381 words - 2 pages because of the shape (it took awhile to make). Firstly, to explain the title and shape; when you think of the phrase "X-marks the spot" you commonly associate it with pirates and hidden treasure, so I thought it'd be interesting to create the poem in the shape of an X. To maintain its believable appearance as an X, I kept strict repetition in the poem however changing two subjects in each line; Pirate and Crew.

David Helwig's, "Haunted By Lives Unlived"

725 words - 3 pages David Helwig's, Haunted by lives unlived, utilizies many of the strategies used in assignment writing. Helwig mainly concentrates on anecdotes and how they relate to audience appeal, but he still includes the other strategies for assignment writing.Anecdote's are frequently being used in Helwig's essay. Primarly, he explains his teaching career and his presentation of Robert Frost's poem, The Road Not Taken: "I sometimes presented this poem to

Plath's provocative imagery serves to highlights the intense emotions expressed in her poety - English - Essay

2305 words - 10 pages Free with being a mother, having only recently miscarried. The poem opens on the image of “a fat gold watch”. This image provokes many thoughts in the readers mind, it can be seen as a sort of reward for her 9 months of service, bringing this baby into the world. It can also be seen as a simile for the precious heartbeat of her newborn baby, set going by the love and affection she has for the baby. This imagery allows us to feel the love and natural

Image Is Everything: Mary Oliver's Singapore - college - essay

996 words - 4 pages street? Most people choose to cross the street to avoid him/her. How spotting a suspicious looking stranger, a woman would clutch her purse a little tighter, while a man transfers his wallet to his inside pocket. We all have these thoughts that run through our head at any point in time. We may think the world around us is beautiful at first look, but when you rip off the mask off perfectly panegyric poetry, it's scary, cold and strange (not full of birds, trees and rivers).

The Main Idea Of The Poem "Aubade" By Philip Larkin

461 words - 2 pages What actually is death? Is it leaving this world and starting a new beginning or is it just the end of everything. Phillip Larkins poem "Aubade" expresses the thoughts and questions of a person who is scared of dying. He makes the person question their self, but then finally realizes that death is a part of life and the person has to accept it and look at is as a new beginning. So Larkins main idea that he tries to get across to his readers is

poetry document over a poem in literature - acc english - essay

991 words - 4 pages Free Keith4 Kameron Keith Booth English 1302-327 December 4, 2018 Poetry Essay The poem "I stay in Possibility" composed by American female artist Emily Dickinson is a one of a kind. The poem discusses the limits that accompany composing poetry verses composing prose. In this particular poem, it is proven that poetry is more intriguing than the writings that involve prose. Dickinson separates all of the key elements throughout the poem that in all

Poetic genre- conventions, techniques and idiom. - TCD- Literature - Essay

1425 words - 6 pages devastated, one would assume such thoughts of death are not too far a stretch when attempting to understand the idiom. While John Keats’ ballad tells a tale, Amy Levy’s poem ‘A Ballade of Religion and Marriage’ instead conveys a moral message. Although not a story narrative, this poem still falls under the genre of ballad due to its form and communication of an ethical/moral issue, which is also a convention of ballad poetry. This particular poem

"After Great Pain A Formal Feeling comes" by Emily Dickenson

569 words - 3 pages person, and informs the reader as to the actions and thoughts of the mourners through an omniscient narration. In contrast, most of Dickinson's other death related poems show the reader the perspective of the dead. The vivid imagery in this poem functions to enhance the reader's perception of the poem. The following passage conveys a resplendent physical sense of coldness as someone is frozen to death:"This is the Hour of Lead--/ Remembered, if

Comparing The Methods And Effects Of The Poems 'Tall Nettles" By Edward Thomas And "Two Look At Two" By Robert Frost Concerning The Relationships Between Man And Nature

803 words - 4 pages contrast in this poem. When the doe moves away and the couple are left stunned by their close encounter, 'a buck from round the spruce' appears, and contrary to the doe, he is aggressive 'why don't you show some motion' and defiant - they are in his territory, he is superior, snorting and with 'jerks of head', challenging them to move 'I doubt if you're as living as you look'. The buck does not consider the humans to be a part of his 'world', the