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Poem: Thoughts Of You Essay

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i've been troubled recently,with thoughts of not having youi've been thinking recently,of thoughts of not seeing youi've been crying recently,of thoughts of loving youmy will has changed with the waning of the moon,as my heart he changed over the waning of my soul... for youi forgive and i obey,never leave me or i diethinking, dreaming, desiringfor you to come back and love i love you...the world will not understand,the potential that i cannot ...view middle of the document...

.....loving i cry for me, and i cry for youbeing apart, killing me slowlybeing near, willing me closerand at the new moon, i seek you anewand at the rising of the sun, i can't stop loving youhell and heaven may be torn apart,but my soul, he'll be waiting patiently......for could i have been so blind,the inevitable was staring me dead in the eyewhy, oh, why was i blind to my heart's eye?the thoughts keep coming through my brain,i try to think clearly, but fail miserably to my disdainoh, how i wish we were together now,how i wish we were never apart......i love heart grieves and my health takes a plunge,but my soul remains to dream of theemy mind wanders and is pulled back with vicious force,how can i have forever theei want thee, and i want thee......forever and never...may i rest free of care,in your arms, my soul to barestripped of feeling, stripped of everythingmy soul will come searchingclinging to thoughts of youi can't trust myself, and i can't trust memy whole being longs for thee......forever stopping never...i care, i care for theei die, i die for theei lie, i lie for theei cry, i cry for theei love, i love for thee... i am yours forever unto the edge of never...... falling bare, only to the pits of forever...

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