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Poems Analysis

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Though the poems of 'Home Burial' by Robert Frost, 'Father and Child', 'In the Park' and 'Mother Who Gave me Life' all written by Gwen Harwood, they all have one thing in common. A child is involved. In the poems deep connections of lost, growing up is both seen in the four poems, whether a child or an adult, life throws out obstacles that help a person to grow and mature but at the same can get the person misled in direction when things don't go as planned and they are challenged both mentally and physically.Through the many years, many poets have presented a vast amount of poems that help to shape the concepts of life and offering morals that has seen been used to the modern days. Each ...view middle of the document...

The woman in the relationship is in a very emotional state from the traumatic event, she is seen standing near the window ledge, looking over the memorial where her child lies, a sight her husband doesn't understand or recognise till many days later. "What is it you see, From up there always? -- for I want to know." The sight from the window ledge reaches over the memorial, the wife stands their grieving of her lost child, may also be thinking how to face the man, called her husband yet she feels as she has lost the once loving man due to the different reactions seen from the event.The wife has not accepted the death of the child, calling "the world's evil." and resents her husband for the strong unbroken composure that he gives off, to her the act of personally burying her child has impacted the way she has seen the way of life. She keeps everything on the inside of her, letting her thoughts of the situation being taken to another person to break down to. On the other hand the man has accepted death, time has passed on and he would more like to say "That's the way of the world,". He is also grieving the child loss but he has kept the emotions rather on the inside that out, as he tries to stay strong for his wife. He would rather throw himself into physical works- digging his child's grave. Lack of mental communication in the poem is evident when the man surrenders to the women. 'Amy! Don't go to someone else this time.'Home Burial portrays two very different characters. Each having their own individual characteristic that applies to the poem to ensure that the poem is entertaining and each portrait given through words stand strong clearly against the other to show the different personas. Each persona carries its own way on how they are growing and changing, whether good or bad, because of the tragic event that has come between them.In the Park by Gwen Harwood, a story of how her kids have 'Eaten me alive,' physically and mentally, a burden that she has to bare for her life. It is a sonnet attempts to show the negative effect of love where the woman's life is empty and love is no longer an aspect in her life because of her own children. 'Two whine and bicker,' it gives an insight into the life of mothers and the impact of spawning children that may occur. The many sacrifices that a mother makes through the love that she has for her children, that demolishes the dreams in both the past and the present. When the woman in the park sits, 'clothes are out of date,' stating that she has no time to keep up with the trends in society and instead her time is filled with her children. The park also fits into the scenario, a park, a quiet and boring place, accompanying her mood in the poem, a life filled with loneliness and isolation from everyone around her.The poem follows on when a man, that was a past lover, walk past and 'too late,' he had seen her. Dialogue is used, 'how nice,' 'Time hold lovely surprises,' as they make eye contact and has become...

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