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Though the poems of 'Home Burial' by Robert Frost, 'Father and Child', 'In the Park' and 'Mother Who Gave me Life' all written by Gwen Harwood, they all have one thing in common. A child is involved. In the poems deep connections of lost, growing up is both seen in the four poems, whether a child or an adult, life throws out obstacles that help a person to grow and mature but at the same can get the person misled in direction when things don't go as planned and they are challenged both mentally and physically.Through the many years, many poets have presented a vast amount of poems that help to shape the concepts of life and offering morals that has seen been used to the modern days. E ...view middle of the document...

The woman in the relationship is in a very emotional state from the traumatic event, she is seen standing near the window ledge, looking over the memorial where her child lies, a sight her husband doesn't understand or recognise till many days later. "What is it you see, From up there always? -- for I want to know." The sight from the window ledge reaches over the memorial, the wife stands their grieving of her lost child, may also be thinking how to face the man, called her husband yet she feels as she has lost the once loving man due to the different reactions seen from the event.The wife has not accepted the death of the child, calling "the world's evil." and resents her husband for the strong unbroken composure that he gives off, to her the act of personally burying her child has impacted the way she has seen the way of life. She keeps everything on the inside of her, letting her thoughts of the situation being taken to another person to break down to. On the other hand the man has accepted death, time has passed on and he would more like to say "That's the way of the world,". He is also grieving the child loss but he has kept the emotions rather on the inside that out, as he tries to stay strong for his wife. He would rather throw himself into physical works- digging his child's grave. Lack of mental communication in the poem is evident when the man surrenders to the women. 'Amy! Don't go to someone else this time.'Home Burial portrays two very different characters. Each having their own individual characteristic that applies to the poem to ensure that the poem is entertaining and each portrait given through words stand strong clearly against the other to show the different personas. Each persona carries its own way on how they are growing and changing, whether good or bad, because of the tragic event that has come between them.In the Park by Gwen Harwood, a story of how her kids have 'Eaten me alive,' physically and mentally, a burden that she has to bare for her life. It is a sonnet attempts to show the negative effect of love where the woman's life is empty and love is no longer an aspect in her life because of her own children. 'Two whine and bicker,' it gives an insight into the life of mothers and the impact of spawning children that may occur. The many sacrifices that a mother makes through the love that she has for her children, that demolishes the dreams in both the past and the present. When the woman in the park sits, 'clothes are out of date,' stating that she has no time to keep up with the trends in society and instead her time is filled with her children. The park also fits into the scenario, a park, a quiet and boring place, accompanying her mood in the poem, a life filled with loneliness and isolation from everyone around her.The poem follows on when a man, that was a past lover, walk past and 'too late,' he had seen her. Dialogue is used, 'how nice,' 'Time hold lovely surprises,' as they make eye contact and has bec...


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2686 words - 11 pages and his death drastically defined her relationships and her poems-most notably in her elegaic and infamous poem "Daddy".Sylvia kept a journal from the age of eleven and published her poems in regional magazines and newspapers. Her first national publication was in the Christian Science Monitor in 1950, just after graduating from high school.In 1950, Plath matriculated at Smith College. She was an exceptional student, and despite a deep depression

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3312 words - 14 pages Free understand. Billy Collins is an exceptionally talented poet whose writing at first can be taken to be a simple comedy but when read more carefully, it can be interpreted as a far more complex script. First readings of the poems “ I Chop Some Parsley While Listening To Art Blakey's Version Of “Three Blind Mice”, ” “ Victoria’s Secret, and ” “ Shoveling Snow with Buddha ” might convince the reader that

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546 words - 3 pages To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and A Time to Kill directed by Joel Schumacher are fictional pieces where both protagonists are lawyers who are trying to be fathers and dealing with the hate by those who oppose their views. In Mockingbird, a man named Atticus Finch is an only father with two kids whom he is trying to raise while doing his job as a lawyer. Atticus teaches his kids how to deal with other people and is trying to be a good role

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1188 words - 5 pages Free here they seem contrived, dreams described without analysis. One poem begins with a list of literal assassins, killers of black men, women, children, and civil rights leaders—it helps to remember that assassination is an inherently political act. Colemanian sonnets after Los Angeles poet Wanda Coleman, whose improvisational free jazz approach to sonnets is the starting point for these poems. But these poems are timeless, by which I mean these

3 Shape Poems With Paragraphs Explaining Them

381 words - 2 pages ecstasyPure ecstasylike I've neverknown beforeor shall everknow againis the giftI receiveeach timeyoufallasleepinmyarms,yoursoftbreathdancinggentlyupThis is a poem that generates excitement but slowly comes down, as the feeling of the mood shifts from excitement to relaxation. I wrote this because I figured it would be interesting to describe the effects of dancing on people.sphereHimMan is tall,Strong and all,Cannot fall,Man.This poem is short

Shakespeare Outline on His Lost Poems - Shakespeare - Outline

1080 words - 5 pages more complex and interesting as poems. · "Though Shakespeare's sonnets are praised in 1598 by Francis Meres and two of them appear in The Passionate Pilgrim, the publication of the whole sequence in 1609 went almost unnoticed; there is scarcely a reference to them until they reappear, in thoroughly revised versions, in 1640." (pg. 4) · It is likely that the sonnets went unnoticed because Renaissance England carried little interest in them. In fact

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1772 words - 8 pages Thomas Lopez Topic 1 Final Draft A poem of the gothic genre is not heartwarming or cheerful. These poems are dark, gloomy, suspenseful and even disturbing. They represent a time when one’s greatest fear could be simply being alone in the woods and death. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ambiguous gothic “The Erlking” and Williams Wordsworth legendary gothic “Lucy Gray” are two poems that have created subgenres within the historic literature of

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1021 words - 5 pages In Margaret Atwood's "The handmaid's tale" and Judith Wright poems, some subject matters are similar because there are a lot of imageries based on children and men, from voices of a woman. In "the handmaid's tale" the narrator has lost her child and husband, and in some Judith Wright poems it is about a woman's love for men, and a child being born. Looking at the imagery and language used, we can compare between the approach the writers are

Similarities and differences between Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen poems - United High School English - essay

974 words - 4 pages way of expressing it. Hughes and Cullen were very similar when it came to their poems. They each had rhythm and had strong word choices like “nigger”, which during those times was a very offensive word to African Americans. During the time of their adolescents Countee Cullen had many experiences being called names and had numerous of experience’s which he expressed in his writing like his poem “Incident”. While on the other hand Langston Hughes

Similarities and difference between Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen poems - United High school English - essay

974 words - 4 pages way of expressing it. Hughes and Cullen were very similar when it came to their poems. They each had rhythm and had strong word choices like “nigger”, which during those times was a very offensive word to African Americans. During the time of their adolescents Countee Cullen had many experiences being called names and had numerous of experience’s which he expressed in his writing like his poem “Incident”. While on the other hand Langston Hughes

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3019 words - 13 pages one table” (IV.iii.27). No matter their social                                  status, every man's ultimate fate to die and that death is thus the great equalizer.   I think that the theme of the play was very interesting and thought provoking, however the                                plot was not as enticing as I hoped it to be.   Media Log 6  Service, Robert William. “Secretary”. ​http://www.poemhunter.com/best-poems/robert-william-service

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1286 words - 6 pages contrast the positive depictions of white culture in these poems, demonstrating the change in attitude towards assimilation in adulthood. White Stucco Dreaming, Jetty Nights, and The Night House from Smoke Encrypted Whispers demonstrate a transformed Indigenous attitude towards assimilation and white settlement through the use of figurative language, imagery and repeated colonial symbols. The poems collectively convey the postcolonial idea that in

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499 words - 2 pages 2 Study guide: Poem test 4/3/19 Narrative poem is a poem that tells a story Lyric poem is one that contains emotions, moods, feelings, and state of mind is what it contains Out Out by Robert Frost -Little boy cuts hand off -He dies -It is about how life is short and life just goes on after death We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks -Takes place at a poolhall -young boys take pride in horrible behavior and dropping out of school because they’ll die

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1968 words - 8 pages for a woman. Shakespeare in his sonnets describes beauty. In the first sonnet he describes beauty and that when a parent dies, the child continues its beauty. He often describes beauty; in the 18th sonnet Shakespeare compares a woman’s beauty to a summer’s day. He does this with many of his poems and puts an emphasis on love. He believes that love is hope and can change people. It can guide people as well as challenge people through tough times

The American Dream in The Great Gatsby, The COmplete Poems of Emily Dickinson, and Huckleberry Finn - Gilman English - Essay

1377 words - 6 pages Twain, poem 843 in The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson, and Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn represent the literary movements of both Modernism and Realism yet all portray this underlying theme. Throughout history, the people of our country have prospered, not from attaining their individual goals but the journey that ensues chasing those goals. Yet, people measure their prosperity on whether or not they have succeeded in their goal. The success