Poetry Assignment About Poetry And How It Makes Me And Other Feels About Society English Assignment

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White a colour of purity, serenity.
The colour of clouds that drift ever so slowly through the wandering sky.
White is the colour of peace.
Peace within one another, peace within your self and family that can’t be angered.
It’s the softness of a pillow and as smooth as silk.
It’s the robe of angels, angels that my baby cousin saw in my eyes that one wintery
The colour of a blank canvas in an art gallery,
The empty space between lines on a page where I rewrite memories so I can live again.
White is the friendships I hold so dearly to my heart.
Full of laughter, innocence and trust.
White is goodness, white is perfection.
White is the colour of understanding, to be able to listen to one another, to not judge each
White is softness, white is protection.
White is the colour of the wedding dress my mother wore the day she married my dad.
Music is freedom.
Freedom of speech.
Freedom of thought.
Freedom of creativity.
Freedom of imagination.
Music is connecting with people on a level much greater than physical.
Music is a tool of unity a tool of learning.
A way for people to come to together and make a change.
Music is magic.
Performing its tricks.
Tricks filled with the sweet melodic tones of instruments and lyrics.
Musicians capture us.
Use their words to captivate us.
Positively distract us while passing on a message through a stage.
Music is love.
Music is escape.
Music is a form of beautiful art.
Music to me is when you see who you really are.
Best friend
A friend is someone special
Who can stand inside your shoes.
Who can feel your joy and sadness
Who will not judge or accuse.
Friends are the family on which we decide
No relation of mine but are there by my side.
As people grow older they might drift apart
But not you and me, it was clear from the start.
It’s patient and forgiving
Never failing or forsaking
When a hand is outstretched
Or ones heart it breaking.
When Peter Pan can’t fly
And when Simba never roars
When Dumbo's ears are small
And happily ever after isn’t true
That’s when I’ll...

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