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Poetry Document Over A Poem In Literature Acc English Essay

991 words - 4 pages

Kameron Keith
English 1302-327
December 4, 2018
Poetry Essay
The poem "I stay in Possibility" composed by American female artist Emily Dickinson is a one of a kind. The poem discusses the limits that accompany composing poetry verses composing prose. In this particular poem, it is proven that poetry is more intriguing than the writings that involve prose. Dickinson separates all of the key elements throughout the poem that in all actuality make poetry more entertaining than the composing of prose. Dickinson uses allusion, imagery, and the overall structure within her poem to convey that poetry is stronger than prose.
Dickinson's use of imagery is very important. It allows her to provide proof towards her original argument. the poem is started by Dickinson comparing how us as the readers of her poem see prose as well as poetry. She is constantly trying to relay back to her main point throughout the entire poem giving clear, well thought out details as to why we should believe that poetry is in fact a better piece of literature than prose would ever be. In another one of Dickinson's poems “A fairer House than Prose— / More numerous of Windows—”. It is stated that poems seem to have a larger amount of windows in the house that is being described as poetry. Now, us as readers are trying to capture this specific image in our heads, hint the term imagery. And with this image of a large amount of windows we can see that all of these windows allow the readers to look inside the house, which is the poem and take information from what they see from the authors use of imagery to fully understand what content is being provided by Dickinson. Dickinson's use of imagery also helps us the understand the comparison between poetry and prose. Poetry being this large house with a lot of windows and prose being a house that is small and dark and isn't really allowing us to see through it. Dickinson uses the symbolization of the roof mentioned in this poem because it signifies the protection and shelter towards the world of poetry. This symbol allows the audience to feel like the house of poetry is very inviting as to the house of prose which is being suggested as the completely opposite, cold and uninviting.
Another example that Dickinson uses is the constant use of the word everlasting. Dickinson using the word everlasting is in fact an oxymoron. Because it is referring to the life span of poetry and how it supposedly will never die. But of course it will never die. It never really lived in the first place. But it also is making it seem that if the lifespan of poetry is everlasting than the lifespan of a prose is not everlasting like Dickinson is trying to explain with fully saying it.
The second literary device that Dickinson uses to make her poem more effective is...

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