Poetry Rubric For English Students - Village School - Poetry

804 words - 4 pages

Excellent - 4
Good - 3
Satisfactory - 2
Needs Improvement - 1
Student devoted a lot of time and effort to the writing process and worked hard to make the poem a good read. The poem has no errors.
Student devoted adequate time and effort to the writing process and worked to get the job done. The poem may have one or two errors.
Student devoted some time and effort to the writing process but was not very thorough. Does enough to get by. There are several errors.
Student devoted little time and effort to the writing process. It appears that the student does not care about the assignment. The poem has many errors.
The poem has a title that clearly relates to the poem and adds interest to the theme or message of the poem
The poem has a title that relates to the poem
The poem has a title
The poem has no title
The final draft of the poem is readable, clean, neat and attractive. It is free of erasures and crossed-out words. It looks like the author took great pride in it.
The final draft of the poem is readable, neat and attractive. It may have one or two erasures, but they are not distracting. It looks like the author took some pride in it.
The final draft of the poem is readable and some of the pages are attractive. It looks like parts of it might have been done in a hurry.
The final draft is not neat or attractive. It looks like the student just wanted to get it done and didn’t care what it looked like.
The poem is written with a great sense of style. The poem has been well thought out and makes sense to the reader.
The poem is written with a defined with style. Thoughts are clear to read and understandable.
The poem is written somewhat with style. Thoughts are clear to a degree.
The poem lacks style and the thoughts did not come out clearly on paper.
The poem is filled with descriptive vocabulary that appeals to the reader.
The poem includes many descriptive elements and is appealing.
The poem includes some descriptive words and phrases.
The poem lacks description and does not allow the reader to visualize the poem.
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