Poetry Slam: Sonnet, Freestyle Poem - AP Literature, St Joseph High Shool - Poem

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Khoa Dinh
Period 7
Mrs.Tracy, AP lit
The Change
Stepping on the new land, not really calm
All boy school, wow, never been through before
Different language, culture, anything more
First few weeks, got few friends, but kind of lame
Disaster came, broke two-piece, hate this game
Losing the trust, men, worst day of my life?
Letting people down, hurt myself, God why?
Will I get through, will my life be the same.
Years go by, my soul is peaceful again
Joining the team, learning new things, not bad
Eat a lot of bagels, but we not sad
This time, new friend, new mindset, sick of failing
Belong to God, guide me to promise land
Just be ready, hungry, faith is my wing.
Commentary: The poem is about my life in USA. As an exchange student there are up and down because you live by yourself at some point. The first eight line is the about my struggling during the first year in USA. From bicycle accident to family problem: “ disaster came, broke two-piece, hate this game” .In this poem, I use symbol as a technique. For example the term “ bagel” represent for losses in tennis. Or the term “game” is represent for my journey in America. I also uses a lot of rhetorical question to create a dramatic effect, shows how desperate is my feeling : “ worst day of my life?”
Red and yellow, these scare my fellows
Survivors never forget, poverty and death
Close the market, make this nation weak
You make me sick, this nation weak
Your property? I don’t think so
Time goes by, things get better?
No it isn’t, there’re more cancers
You make me sick, this nation weak
Education is key, with this system?
Oh, change it please!
Corruption is everywhere, how does it fair
Say what I want, so what
My home, my memories, my childhood
Why you sell it to the Great Wall
Time to step up, together, against this corrupt
Commentary: the poem is about a corrupt country, which is Vietnam. The poem shows about my feeling toward the country. The romantic element of the poem is the questioning to the authorities and asking for changes.” Red and yellow” is a symbol for the communist party. There are rhetori...

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