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Poland:My Country Of Origin Essay

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The country I will be talking about is Poland. I am writing about this specific country because my family traces back to Poland, and I care a lot about it. There are many interesting and amazing facts about Poland that many people; including myself, did not know, and I wish to share these facts for people to learn about, and keep with them for many years. Some of the things I will be discussing will be the climate, location, the economy, culture, and literature of Poland, along with other things. I hope you learn some compelling facts about Poland from this paper.*Poland has a very interesting climate. The average mean temperature is about forty five degrees Fahrenheit for the year, though ...view middle of the document...

The official language of Poland is Polish, though many of the people also speak French, English, and German. The anthem is Jeszcze Polkanie Zginela, and the flag consists of two horizontal stripes-the upper white, and the lower; red.*The country of Poland consists of many ethnic groups other than the Polish people. It is interesting to know that Poland holds 97.6 percent Polish people, while 1.3 percent are German, 0.6 percent are Ukrainian, and 0.5 percent are Belarusian.*It is an interesting facts to know that many of the holidays Poland celebrates, people in the United States do also. Like us, the new year is on January first, and Christmas is on December twenty fifth to the twenty sixth. Labor day is the first of May, and All Saints Day is the first of November. They also have other holidays such as National Day; the third of May, and Victory Day; the ninth of May. Poland's National Holiday is Constitution Day; the third of May.*Poland today stands out as one of the most successful and open transition economies in Europe. Poland has industries in machine building, iron and steel, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding, food processing, glass, beverages,and textiles. Poland's agriculture - products are potatoes, fruits, vegetables, wheat; poultry, eggs,and pork. Poland's export - partners are;Germany 34.3%,...

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