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Poland Spring Nature

Poland Spring Nature

Creative Work Plan

Natalie Dumanian (Advertising)

Key Facts about the brand:
Poland Spring is a very successful brand. It has been around since 1845. The company has become so well known from word of mouth and its large availability in many stores, restaurants, and vending machines to name a few. Since 1845 they have enlarged their line with larger and smaller sized bottles and have also created a sparkling flavored water line. Poland Spring has a very large target market. Globally they are targeted to the urban northeast. It is targeted to men, women, and children. Some of their products are even targeted to specific people. For example, the sport bottle is for sporty people, the sparkling bottle is for people willing to spend a little more money, and the 5-gallon is for families.

Problem the Creative must solve:
Although Poland Spring is targeted to everyone, they seem to be losing their teen and young adult market. These people want to be rebels. They don't want to buy safe products that their mothers used to buy. They want new and interesting products. Poland Spring Nature solves the problem of the companies lost target market.

What is the Creative/Advertising Objective?
The objective of the creative is to create awareness of the product. It will also inform the target audience of the benefits of the product. For example, it will list the vitamins in Nature and will explain that it is an immune booster. Most importantly it will explain that it is specifically for young adults and teenagers. It will either be written in the advertisement or there will be an image of a person who is the age of the target market. This is most important because this target market of teenagers and young adults is very stubborn. They think they know everything and love when a product is specifically for them. They think that if the product is for them then they must understand them and what they want.

Identify your teams "big idea" "central theme" for the creative:
The "big idea" is to win back Poland Spring's lost target audience of students 16-25 years old. This will be done telling the consumer there are benefits to this product specifically for the target market. It isn't simply water. Water could be targeted to anyone even if their advertisements said they were targeted to teenagers. The vitamins in the water show the target audience that we do understand that this is what they need.

Who is the creative targeted to? Define who your target market is?
The creative is targeted to young adults like college students and older teenagers like high school students. Specifically it is for men and women 16-25 years old. Teenagers and college students always think that they know what's best for them. They are older and believe that they, instead of their parents, know what's best for them. These people are busy and tired students. They have a weak immune system from constantly loosing sleep and now eating the right foods to get their vitamins. So, to boost their immune system they can just drink a bottle of Poland Spring Nature.

What is the key promise of your creative?
The key promise of the creative is to boost the consumer's immune system with vitamins. The vitamins in Nature are vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, sodium, and potassium. Nature is not flavored. It is just simply water with added vitamins. It is not flavored because the consumer already has a weak immune system and does not need extra chemicals in their body used to flavor the water.

Explain your creative strategy and creative tactics for your area of responsibility only for the team project - advertising, sales promotion, public relations or direct marketing.
There will be two advertisements for Poland Spring Nature. One will be a magazine ad and the other will be a TV ad. The magazine ad will have less information on it and it's purpose will be mostly to spark interest and curiosity. The ad will be humorous and simple. These customer are already tired and do not need something complicated to look at and understand. The ad will have an image of a student sleeping and drooling at their desk while a class is in session. The copy will read, "Have you had your Nature today?" This ad can also appear on bus stops and buses near schools. The television advertisement will be shown during teenage and college shows. It will air on the CW11 and will air every night between 8-10 o'clock at night during commercial breaks. The commercial will be celebrity ads. The celebrity endorsing the ad will depend on which show is airing at that time. For example, Gossip Girl airs on the CW11 on Wednesday's at 9 o'clock. Blake Lively and Penn Bradgley play two high school students in Gossip Girl. During commercial break they will hold the product and say how Nature helps them during their busy and sleepless work schedules. They will also explain that Nature is an energy booster and will list all the vitamins in Nature.

Joyce Liao (Sales Promotion)

For the new product Poland Spring Nature, we will try to promote the product as broadly as possible. The sales promotions will involve coupons such as buy 1 get one free coupons that will be distributed to consumers in supermarkets. Additionally, every time they buy a 6-pack of Poland Spring Nature, they will also be given a rebate coupon in which they can receive a dollar back when they purchase the product. For instance, if the pack of this water is sold for $6.50, it will cost the consumer only $5.50. For the launch of the product, we will also try to do a price deal with a temporary reduction in price of .25 cents for each bottle of water. For a limited time, Poland Spring Nature will sell for $1.00 instead of $1.25.

Besides price reductions, we will do a contest in which bottle caps can be collected and be redeemable for several different types of prizes from a small keychain to larger products such as a brand new skateboard or bicycle. The prizes will depend on how many bottle caps they can collect. One cap will be one point.

Hiromi Tatsuta (Public Relations)

Poland Spring mainly sold in the East coast. To promote the new product, which targeting to teenager and college kids, go to high schools and college campuses with a van, which wrap around the graphic of Poland Spring Nature ad. In order to announce the new product and educate them that it has vitamin even it just look like a water, give a way small sample bottle of the Nature water, and notepads, binders, post-it, pens, stickers, key chains to advertise new product and logo. These items are necessary for students and use it all the time that if they use these promotion stationeries, they would promote the new product. It remains the people and let them know about new line from Poland spring.
Poland Spring Nature would also promote at malls with stands during 3pm to 8pm on weekdays and 12pm to 7pm on weekends, which are the hour's teenager hang out at malls.
Also Poland Spring Nature can be a sponsor for sports teams or events when they have sports game tournament such as basketball, football, x games, cheerleader and so on. Poland Spring provides free the water to the teams or players and gives away small sample size of water to the audiences.

Kei Hayashi (Direct Marketing)

Key Facts about the brand:
Poland Spring has been around since 1845, and it is available in many stores or other place selling water you can think of. The target audience is almost every people who drink water, which means men, women, and children, but they also have specific targeted products such as the sport bottle. They have a sparkling water line, which is targeted to the people willing to spend more money for it. For now, they do not have the vitamin water product so far. They start losing the core customer who is young and busy. The target is young people, especially old teenager students between 16 to 25 years old. Students are busy and tired. They need to be healthy, so the new extension product will help to substitute vitamins.

Problem the Creative must solve:
Poland Spring needs to bring the audience back the customer as a core user. The brand needs to reposition their brand strategy. Direct marketing plan for this new extension is that they can advertise through the Internet with discounted price to the target audience, especially student. Most of the time, student who is busy does not even have a lot of money and time to spend, but most of those young people check out discounted products. On the Internet, Poland Spring can use the affiliate program on blog system. Affiliate is the system that blogger contracts with some advertisements from companies and when net surfer click it or buy it through the contracted blog, blogger gets paid. In these days, Internet is huge and advertisements are all around. There are many different ways to advertise lately. Affiliate is one of the systems. People start looking other people's blog.

What is the Creative/Advertising Objective?
The Creative Objective is to create awareness of the product and to retarget the target audience not just only for the extension product but also the original water with their benefits. Poland Spring can give some discount for the original water if people buy the Poland Spring Nature through the Internet. That will help to let people try their original water, too. The main objective is to get the young people as a target audience. Point of the creative/advertising objective needs to be announced to teenager and young adults. They think they know what is cool and not which is important thing to think about.

Identify your teams "big idea" "central theme" for the creative:
The most important idea through this project is to bring back the target audience around age 16-25 years old. The Poland Spring Nature is the vitamin water, which supports busy people's health. The solution of the problem is advertising the benefit of this product efficiently and effectively. Poland Spring uses the Internet affiliate program to target people to advertise and sell this new extension. Blog is everywhere. Myspace.com and Facebook.com are two biggest Social Networking Service websites. Many people have the account from those two websites. They have opportunities to have their own blog and represent themselves. For another idea, they can put the ad on the shop website such as Forever21 or American Eagle, because those websites are the places where the young people go all the time. They do not visit Poland Spring website, they can have advertisement on other places or link them together. People who use this website is young generation that Poland Spring wants to target to, so it is effective.

Who is the creative targeted to? Define who your target market is?
The creative is the Internet affiliate program, and they are targeted to the young people like college students and older teenagers like high school students. It is targeted for men and women between 16-25 years old. They use Internet as their communication method often. The target market is the young people who are students and busy. They need to take care of their health, so this non-flavor vitamin water helps to support their life without destructing the taste of water.

What is the key promise of your creative?
The key promise of this product is to support their health with vitamins. Poland Spring Nature is not flavored because this health support beverage should not have any additional chemical in it.

Explain your creative strategy and creative tactics for your area of responsibility only for the team project - advertising, sales promotion, public relations or direct marketing.
As the direct marketing strategy, Poland Spring Nature launches the advertisement on the website or blog like I already explained the above. First idea is Poland Spring Nature uses affiliate program, which is an advertising style that you can put on blogs or websites. People, even young people, use Internet. Basically, people click on the affiliate ad on the website, you can jump onto the purchase page or information pages about the product. The person who put the ad on the website can get money when somebody click the ad, and Poland Spring can get customer directly through the Internet. It is easy to target too. Bloggers think what ad is effective to put on the website, because they want people to click.
Another idea is to put the ad on the popular clothing company website such as American Eagle, H&M, and Forever21. The target audience is willing to visit those website, so it is also easy to target those specific people.


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