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Police Brutality Essay

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Police Brutality Police brutality has been a problem in society ever since we can remember. Even though police brutality is a subject people don't want to talk about, we have to realize that no matter what we do, police brutality, police corruption, racism, and politics are components of police brutality.Police Brutality involves police misuse of physical and mental force such as: the use of physical and deadly force, chronic verbal abuse of citizens including racist and homosexual slurs, and "discriminatory patterns of arrest" (Fighting 2). Each one of these problems is serious and very degrading to the law-abiding citizens.Police misconduct adds to a high percentage of police brutality. ...view middle of the document...

Police corruption is a big part of police brutality, and cops can get away with the crimes they commit because of the corruption. The code of silence is a phrase probably known around the United States, and the code of silence isn't a good thing. "Cops must stop using "˜few bad apples' defense to obscure the fact that the code is allowing crooked and racist cops to flourish" (Cothran 37). Since it is hard to overcome corruption and police misconduct from the code of silence, which corrupts many police departments, many campaigners have put a lot of time and effort into community efforts, which is against the code of silence (Police Brutality 2). The reason why many innocent civilians fear criminals less than cops is because "the code of silence" (Cothran 132).Police Brutality has seen a change; a lot of key areas of brutality have seen a downfall because of people who speak out and want the abuse to stop (Fighting 5). Cops today are now reporting the brutality more now before because they were afraid of there safety but now they realize what they are fighting for (Cothran 38). By providing a brutality hotline, and a center file, a police watch hub has led to the termination of police officers (Parents 1).Brendel 3 After the Rodney King beating in California, police departments stopped using "macho in your-face...

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