Police Brutality And Excessive Force Public Speaking Essay

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Polito 1
Polito 1
Shonda Walker
July 26, 2016
Usage of Excessive/ Deadly force by Law Enforcement is defined by the law as the force an officer has the rights use as such force only in reasonable necessary under the circumstances to make a lawful arrest. An unreasonable seizure occur s when a law enforcement officer uses excessive force in making a lawful arrest. Police officers have been making headlines in the news, media, and papers around our community due to the “excessive/deadly” force they decide to use when pulling persons over, performing arrest, or even checks. In the past month of July, there has been quite a few of murders by police that can be ruled by many as an wrongful use of excessive or deadly force. Many of these cases have been placed upon our black males in the community. The question is why is this actioned practiced when there is absolutely no cause, and if there is a reason, why is there never any proof? Why do these cops never feel the need to apologize to the community?
The topic itself of excessive force can get way deeper than the talk of the force of our police, such things in the community. But, then again that’s a story for another day. These cases have in a way brought the community together forming non-violent marches, having people speak up on the topic, but still we have yet to be heard. With the emotions of being unheard, people take problems in their own hands by killing the “bad cop”, feeling as if we can’t trust the people who are supposed to protect us then who can we trust. Making headlines in these case dying at the hands of our protectors, you have Alton Sterling who wanted to make money to feed his family, always working in front of the same store for years with the same permission from the owner, and was bothered by the Louisiana law enforcement which leads to the “free” the police felt the need to practice leading to the wrongful death of Alton Sterling. Eric Garner, approached by the police because of the suspicion of selling loose cigarettes, that they say was an issue because it did not have a tax stamp. Garner stated that he was tired of being harassed by the police who went to arrest him for practicing freedom of speech in the action of arresting Garner he was choked by the NYPD stating that he could not breathe and the police refused to let him go, killing Eric Garner. Tamir Rice, 12 years old, someone made a call on Tamir stating he was pointing a fake gun towards people, two officers took the call and as they pulled up one officer fired at Tamir hitting him in the torso, no officer provided aid to Tamir, killing him, no officer went in for interview, stating they refused. Not only do these cases take place on men but also women, such as Sandra Bland.
Black Lives Matter has become one of the most talked about agencies/movement on media, television, people, etc. Black Lives Matter has become a hashtag of its own, holding a great significant meaning. “#BlackLivesMatter” was funded by 3 bl...


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