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I have chosen to write a police report on the torture of Pauline from "Death of the Maiden" written by Ariel Dorfman. I did a police report because throughout the play, Paulina seems traumatized and I think that instead of keeping all for her, she is going to the police to report what she lived. Moreover, I will write two different points of view, Paulina's and Dr. Miranda's. By comparing both points of view, it would be interesting to understand the facts. Even though the facts might change from one point of view to another, that's what is interesting about a police report.
Since it is a police report, only the commanding officer will see it, so it is a tiny audience. As I am writing this, I am supposed to think like a police officer, but also write like one. I will try my best to use an official police language. The structure of a police report is not so hard to understand, so I think that my biggest challenge will be to use the language of an officer.
I will also use Paulina's and Dr. Miranda's words because, in this report, I am a police officer who has already questioned the victims, but also the suspect, and I am doing a report on the interrogations I've done. Both Paulina and Dr. Miranda use a functional language, so I don't think it will be hard to write like them. It is not like a children language.
If in the play, another character would have lived the same situation as Paulina, I would have included his/her statement.
The title of this written task is the number of the report because, in a police department, everything is classified by numbers.
Word Count: 290
Carabineros de Chile department
Incident report #0605078
Case Title Location
Incident report #0605078 Humberstone
Date/Time Occurred Date/Time Reported
23/05/1980 03/06/1995 16:53:27
Incident Type/Offense
8.2 Torture
9.5 Multiple sexual assaults
Reporting officer Approving Officer
Carla Flores Pablo Vidal
Role Name Sex Race Age DOB
Victim Paulina F White 38 27/01/1957
Suspect Dr. Miranda M White 47 09/05/1948
When I received an anonymous call, the person told me that she had been tortured and raped many times 15 years ago. I asked her to come to see me, and she came. She presented herself as Paulina. I asked her all the questions I could to understand the situation, and then I made the complaint against Roberto Miranda, her alleged aggressor. No witness was there when she was tortured and raped, but she remembers everything as if it happened two days ago.
While there is no evidence further then Paulina’s and Dr. Miranda’s statement, we ought to open an investigation on this case.
It was on April 6th, 1975, as I was walking on San Antonio Street. It was around 2:15 in the afternoon when three men got out of the car and pointed a gun at me. I remembered one guy. He had garlic breath and he told me something like “don’t say a word.” And then, they have...

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