Police Responded To The Public

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1- Our text indicates that many studies have shown that the crime-fighting role of the police only makes up between ___and __percent of the police officers' on-duty time.
a. 10 and 30
b. 30 and 40
c. 80 and 90
d. 50 and 60

2- In his classic book, Varieties of Police Behavior, Professor James Q. Wilson wrote that the police have three primary functions, name them: (6 points) watchman style, legalistic style, and service style.
3- Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish between the above three functions of the police.

4- The most important skill for police officers in resolving a dispute is:
a. Command Presence.
b. Quick Reactions (for self-defense) c. Deliberate Indifference.
d. Effective Communications.

5- Experts say that communication is composed of different methods that include words, voice tone, and nonverbal clues. Of these, which one is most effective in delivering a message?
Nonverbal Clues
6- Discuss the Minneapolis Domestic Abuse Experiment: (6 points) The Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment(MDVE) evaluated the effectiveness of various police responses to domestic violence calls in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This experiment was implemented during 1981-82 by Lawrence W. Sherman, Director of Research at the Police Foundation, and by the Minneapolis Police Department with funding support from the National Institute of Justice. [1]Among a pool of domestic violence offenders for whom there was probable cause to make an arrest, the study design called for officers to randomly select one-third of the offenders for arrest, one-third would be counseled, and one-third would be separated from their domestic partner. The results of the study, showing a deterrent effect for arrest, had a "virtually unprecedented impact in changing then-current police practices."[2]Subsequently, numerous state and law enforcement agencies enacted policies for mandatory arrest, without a warrant, for domestic violence cases in which the responding police officer had probable cause that a crime had occurred.

7- The International Association of Chiefs of Police recommends a 24-hour waiting period before accepting a missing person's report, including those for children, because most missing persons return home within 24 hours. FALSE 8- In order to launch an AMBER alert, police authorities need to meet four criteria simultaneously and with no exceptions. Name one of these four criteria:
1. The missing person is a child under the age of 18 2. The police have reason to believe that the missing child has been abducted 3. The police have reason to believe that the physical safety or the life of the child is in serious danger.
4. The police have information that may help locate the child, the suspect, and/or the suspect's vehicle 9- Fortunately, incidents of sex trafficking have been DECREASING in recent years. TRUE OR FALSE 10- While conducting a "Welfare Check," and you dec...

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