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Police worn- Body Cameras
In 2017 over 900 lives were taken by police officers. Only 9% of those individuals have video recordings relating to their death (Fatal force). More people are cautious of their behavior when they are being watched, and even though it is debated to be an invasion of privacy for law enforcement, police worn-body cameras could possibly save many more lives. Having camera footage is extenuating evidence that can be provide into a courtroom, and this would help the determining factor for both citizens and police officers alike. Police-worn body camera can have an assertive effect on the criminal justice system, police officers and citizens should institute throughout the United States.
To better extrapolate why law enforcement officers are being recommended to wear body cameras, eyes must focus back to one of the pivotal points in our history of police brutality. In the 1960s is when police brutality began. Social inequalities and discrimination against minorities; specifically, African Americans was extremely rampant in this era (Nodjimbadam). During the mid-1960’s there was a law that was enforce to banned any discrimination based on a person’s race, sex, national origin, color, and etc... This law was The Civil Rights Act. This act ended segregation through the work force and even schools. In addition, it also banned unequal voting rights. The law brought so much uproar and anger throughout the nation, specifically white Americans, because this would exploit that all men and women would have the same equalities and opportunities. Minorities and African Americans were allowed civil liberties and safekeeping from the government; nonetheless numerous boycotts and protest were held throughout cities. At times citizens became deleterious, out of vexation for their systematic oppression and persistent harassment from law enforcement. Because of these events this is what often began police brutality. In many instances, police used dogs, batons, fire hoses, and firearms to demilitarize large groups and protesters (Nodjimbadam).
During 1965, Marquette Frye which is an African American male was driving late at night in Los Angeles; when suddenly he gets stopped for driving under the influence.  The officer that pulled him over was white and arrested Marquette Frye, using extremely excessive force for the renitent arrest (Frye). Because of this arrest it caused so much chaos in California; due to speculations being spread that a law enforcement officer had also assaulted the victim’s mother and girlfriend. For five long days there were riots, which ended in over 36 deaths, 950 injuries, and over 45 million dollars in property damage (Frye).
The death of Michael Brown is a more current event that drew everyone's attention. Michael Brown was an unarmed black adolescent from Ferguson, Missouri. On August 9th, 2014 he was fatally shot and killed by Darren Wilson, Caucasian officer, over “supposedly” stealing a pack of cigarill...


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