Policies And Governance In Sport - Southern Miss/ Sport Management - Essay

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Amanda Raynes
SM 605
Skill Builder 2.1
11 February 2019
Skill Builder 2.1: Analyzing Organizational Environment and Management Practices
Southern Miss Eagle Club
Internal Environment
1. Top management of the Southern Miss Eagle Club:
· Brian Morrison: Brian held the role of Associate Athletics Director of Major Gifts. He lead all athletic foundation development operations. Brian yields a tremendous difference in performance standards and performance outcomes. His leadership is the determining factor in the success of the Eagle Club and the athletic department in general.
· Christi Holloway: Christi is the Chief Financial Officer for the USM Athletic Department and she oversees the Athletic Foundation. She is responsible for determining the fiscal requirements, developing and monitoring the annual budget and maintaining all athletic financial records. Christi motivates and facilitates success, builds confidence, focuses on the human element involved with the experience of working within the Athletic Foundation.
2. Eagle Club Mission:
· In alignment with the educational mission of the University of Southern Mississippi-
· We guide and support our Student-Athletes in their pursuit of excellence- Academically, Athletically, and Personally.
· We serve as ambassadors and advocates for our Department of Athletics and the University.
· Above all else, we promote and protect the safety, health, and well-being of each and every one of our Student-Athletes.
3. The Eagle Club’s major resources include:
· Financial: The financial support from individual donors, local businesses, and large corporations. All proceeds are invested into Student-Athlete scholarships.
· Human: The employees responsible for gaining and maintaining donors along with taking care of daily operations to keep the foundation afloat.
4. The Eagle Club Scholarship Fund is a component of the Southern Miss Athletic Foundation, a registered 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) charitable organization. The Eagle Club raises funds to provide nearly 400 Student-Athletes at Southern Miss with academic scholarships and educational support. All funds raised annually aid in offsetting these costs to the USM Athletics department. Investing in the Eagle Club today builds the foundation for USM athletic programs and impacts Student-Athletes for years to come.
5. The structure of the organization is organized not by departments, but individual directors of each category:
· Associate Athletic Director of Major Gifts: Brian Morrison
· Chief Financial Officer: Christi Holloway
· Staff Accountant: Misty McWhorter
· Assistant Director of Development: Cody Bielstein and Bret Hardin
· Senior Associate AD: Internal Operations: Kent Hegenauer
· Director of Development: Lee Applewhite and Houston Ernst
· Graduate Assistant/Event Coordinator: Amanda Raynes
External Environment
1. The Eagle Club’s target customers include Southern Miss alumni and/or proud supporters of the University as well as local business owners and str...

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