Political Arguments And Analysing Competing Arguments That Are Compelling University Of Johannesburg,Year 1 Essay

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INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL STUDIES (POLS1007) Assignment One: Analysing Competing Arguments Due Monday the 4th of March. The maximum word count is 1,200 words
Assessment Guidelines
The main goal of your first assignment is to get you thinking and writing about how different types of political arguments are put together. What makes a compelling argument? On what basis can we effectively adjudicate between competing political positions? What types of supporting evidence are decisive? How do individual experiences and identities shape how people make their case? Your task is to select between one of two potential case studies (please don’t attempt both, or attempt to put together an alternative case study of your own). Once you have selected your case study, you will need to put together a 1,200 word report which comprises two major sections: i) analysis and ii) evaluation. Both sections should be clearly identified using subheadings. Your analysis section should ideally comprise around 1,000 words, and should offer your analysis of the strongest possible version of each of the arguments found in the five pieces comprising your case study. Your analysis section should not attempt to weight the strengths and weaknesses of each individual piece Your task is to instead present the strongest possible version of the argument, or arguments, developed by each individual author (regardless of whether or not you agree with the author). Where applicable, your analysis should also include material which makes reference to the supporting evidence used by each author. You will be primarily assessed on your capacity to sucessfully identity the main arguments which each author employs, and your capacity to present these arguments in the best possible light (i.e. don’t include language which undermines arguments you don’t personally agree with). It is recommended that you allocate roughly 200 words to each individual piece. There should be no need for you to conduct further research, or to track down additional sources. The five pieces which comprise each case study should be sufficient for this task. The evaluation section is your oppourtunity to both present and defend your own conclusions regarding which of the arguments you have analysed is the most persuasive. It is recommended that you allocate roughly 200 words to your evaluation, which should come at the end of the report (much like a conclusion). Your evaluation needs to be much more than a statement of personal opinion or preference. You instead need to be able to effectively justify
and defend why you regard one line of argument, or arguments, as more compelling or persausive. This may involve identify...


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879 words - 4 pages , these include, individualism, property, contract laws, freedom, and equality. All of those things are still very important in our political society today. There is no era in time where we have seen so much individualism expressed, social media is booming, people are able to express their feelings, and opinions within a moments notice. The philosopher Montesquieu expressed that there should be a separation of power in the executive