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Political Science Essay

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We have many different types of people in the United States. There are no two people that are alike. Every single person has different opinions and has different beliefs. People have different opinions of many various ideas. Two people might have dissimilar opinions, even though they might agree on other opinions. Beliefs are just like opinions, different people believe in different things. We the people of the United States have certain names we give people for their opinions and their beliefs politically. The politicians see people as conservatives and liberals. The conservatives and liberals are used in characterizing the political attitudes of an average American. According to James Q. ...view middle of the document...

In other words, if they are liberal on one set of issues, they are likely to be liberal on all others" (Wilson, page 75). One type of liberal is Pure Liberals. Pure Liberals are people who are liberal on both economical and social issues (Bryant, page 2). Some liberals might be liberal on just economical issues or social issues, but pure liberals are liberal on both issues. Pure Liberals want the government to reduce economic inequality, regulate business, tax the rich heavily, deal with crime by addressing its economic causes, protect the rights of accused criminals, allow abortion on demand, and guarantee the broadest possible freedoms of speech and press (Bryant, page 4).Another group of people whom we have in the United States are the Conservatives. Conservatives are people who favor more limited and local government, less government regulations of markets, more social conformity to traditional norms and values, and tougher policies toward criminals (Lakoff, page 23). In other words conservatives are people who want the government not to get involved in their affairs. Just like we have Pure Liberals, we have the same with Conservatives. We have different types of Conservatives and one type is Pure Conservatives. Pure Conservatives are conservatives on both economic and social issues. They want less government regulation of businesses, lower taxes and a greater reliance on markets, and they advocate getting tough on criminals, punishing pornographers and cutting back on welfare payments (Bryant, page 6). .Basically, liberal people support the government on many different issues, while conservative people do not support the government or the actions that the government performs. Conservatives would like the government to be changed around and get tougher to discuss certain issues that are very controversial, like punishing criminals, pornographers or other similar things.Liberals and Conservatives play a major role in the characterization of the political attitudes of the average American. Almost every American wants to be part of a major party; they want to be defined as a liberal or a conservative. When a person says that they are Liberal, it describes their beliefs and the kind of standards that person has. For example, when a person says they are liberal we think that the certain individual is probably in a professional occupation, lives in a big city, and has a postgraduate education. The same goes for a person who is a Conservative. When we find out that a person is a Conservative we get certain ideas of that persons beliefs and opinions on certain issues. Pure conservatives are more likely to come from small towns, to live in the Midwest or South, and be involved in business.Being Liberal or Conservative person, we get a sense of how that person will vote in upcoming elections. Liberals have different voting strategies then do Conservatives, but it also depends on the people who are running. Depending on what the people who are running...

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