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Thanos Boulukos
Mr. Mark Flynn
The Law of Man
We live in a society today based around laws our government have issued its citizens to
abide by and follow respectively. Many of the laws these governments pass restrict people under
the age of twenty-one to engage in drinking alcohol and entering night clubs. Our government
expects men and women at the age of eighteen to join the military, risking their lives for our nation.
Yet when it calls for drinking any beverage with alcohol, the law calls these people “minors” and
underage at the age of eighteen to want a drink. Our nations eighteen-year-old can use military
weapons and kill in battle overseas but legally can't buy alcohol at that age do to unjust laws our
government has made citizens stand by. The drinking age should be lowered allowing the ability
to purchase and consume alcohol at eighteen instead of the current age at twenty-one.
For many kids in today in this American society, the age number eighteen is very
significant. Not only can you serve your military, but also you are granted the right to vote for state
officials and presidential candidates. This age is a big step into adulthood given the granted
opportunities that people can part take in once becoming eighteen. Since, this age is considered
adult, then alcohol consumption should be legalized, given that tobacco can be purchased at this
age. Smoking cigarettes and tobacco products alone cause almost five times as many deaths per
year than drinking. An estimated 480,000 people die a year from tobacco such as cigarettes while
consumption of alcohol is around 88,000 deaths per year. There is no sense in a product which
kills more people a year to be legal for purchase and consumption but making a beverage illegal
which has proven to cause less death a year.
Lowering the drinking age from twenty-one to eighteen has more than just its benefits in
fun and entertainment however. By changing this law our government would see a legitimate boost
in our economy. We’d see an increase in customers entering bars, restaurants, and other
establishments, spending more money on drinks which ultimately will boost tax revenue. With
more people legally being able to purchase alcohol, it would surely boost revenue. Industries and
breweries would see a fortune overnight, if the law was lowered allowing eighteen-year old to

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