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Politics, The Labour Government Essay

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LabourCritically examine new labour policy on law and order relative to those embraced by their conservative predecessors.Some political scientists argue that it seems there has been a political consensus tilting further to the right on the spectrum on the issue of law and order in the UK since 1979.However, other commentators refute such claims as being simplistic and ill thought out, thereby, creating a political controversy which, some say, splits contemporary analysts down the middle.Many critics argue Conservative policy on law and order during their 18 year rule can be summed up into three broad ...view middle of the document...

For example she introduced the Criminal Justice Act of 1982 which introduced the "sharp, short, sock" or boot camps if you like to tackle juvenile delinquencies. Her Police and criminal evidence Act 1984 increased police powers to stop and search while extending the time the police would question a suspect to 72hrs. Many also suggest that the iron lady even improved police pay by over 16% whereas increasing prison expenditure by 80% perhaps so that to she could, some say, keep them on govt's side.Some analysts 'point that the most controversy piece of legislationLiked the Brixton riots to a decline in family valuesPublic order Act 84/86--- paved way for enhanced the use of "crowd control" tactics by the police whilst drawing criticism of centralisation of police+ police under illegitimate political control of govt.Second phase:CostsAppeared to empower the communityGave a liberal impression as it did not repeal any legislation to reverse their anti civil rights laws or prisons work attitudeThird phase: similar to Phase-one as it was back to retribution but in subtle wayPlace more emphasis on:Accountability & Notion of value for money: sheerly report and 27 point plan + centralisation--- directing sentences----undermine separation of powers, Howard appoints chair &50% of police authorities. League tables...but most were abandoned after criticism from law enforcement agencies + judiciary calling for a bill of rights.

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