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Pomegranate Seeds Part two
After a couple weeks, Prosperina is caught eating the seeds. And because of Plutos rule that if you eat in his kingdom you are doomed to stay there for eternity, Pluto now believes he will have Prosperina forever. After a couple hopeless weeks inside the dark, lifeless and empty castle, she decides that she is getting out of this place no matter what.
“Prosperina, are you ready to feed the cerebus and go for a walk” asks Pluto as they were preparing for their daily walk around the palace. “Yes, give me a moment please.” Prosperina calls back. What Pluto didn’t know is that for the last couple months Prosperina was gaining his trust for her plot to escape. She has been leaving bacon behind a tree since her arrival at night so when she has to walk the cerebus, he can eat the bacon. Her plan is to leave the bacon in a homemade trap which will lock the cerebus up and she can steal the chariot and make her escape. So, as always she grabs a few pieces of bacon and rushes to Pluto for their walk. “ Did you get the food for the cerebus?” asks Pluto, “Wha- Um no” Prosperina nervously snaps. “ Oh, its fine I can get it, what was that about though?”, “Oh I don’t know, I’m just tired”. Prosperina starts becoming doubtful if she can follow through with the plan and ponders what life could be like here. The walk is always long, boring and grim with Pluto rambling on about how much she’ll like it here and Prosperina just nodding her head, and while Pluto goes off to feed the cerebus, Prosperina leaves the bacon behind the tree.
Prosperina had lost her patience and decided to execute the plan earlier than expected. Everything went as usual on their walk, they greeted the people who were trapped but she had layed the bacon inside the trap this time. Later that day, when she had to walk the dog, he led her to the bacon and stuck his snout inside the cage. SNAP! The cage slammed on its head and he was jammed inside. The cerebus went from confusion, to rage as he saw her sprinting to the chariot. The monster of a dog was snarling and barking with foam forming from his chops. Prosperina rushed into the stable and hopped into the back of the chariot. But she had made a terrible mistake, she never learned how to control the dark horse. For the horse was woken abruptly so it started panicking and flailing its hind legs everywhere, hurling chunks of wall and hay through the air. As the horse was flailing around, it was very loud so...

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