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Pool Safety For Children And How To Ensure That Children Are Safe When Playing In Backyard Pools. It Includes Government Regulations

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Children and water areas:Not only is swimming an activity enjoyed by most young children, but it can be one of the most healthy forms of recreation. Unfortunately, as most parents know, the swimming pool and surrounding area can pose very real hazards. Children are curious creatures who love to explore new terrain actively, this can cause significant complications to families who live or play around water areas such as pools, dams, spas, rivers, ponds, creeks and the beach. Children are not able to competently swim independently and therefore certain measures need to be addressed in order to prevent accidents or fatalities occurring as a result of water related dangers. The particular ...view middle of the document...

Mixing the two age groups around a pool side or in the pool can present a problem as the children may come into contact with each other during play and thus, too heavy contact with younger ones resulting in injuryParents/caregivers consuming alcohol around the pool area:Parents and caregivers of children should not be supervising children and consuming excessive amounts of alcohol whilst supervising because it can impair vision and reaction times, in pool related incidents, seconds count and therefore instant actions must be taken to avoid disability or fatality.Electrical equipment around the pool area:It is important to make sure that there is not electrical equipment around the pool area so as to ensure prevention against electrocutionChemicals around the pool side:It is imperative that chemicals are kept away from the reach of children because it can cause serious burn, poisoning and other injury if children come into contact with pool chemicals. It is also important to ensure that chemical levels in pools are not excessive.Legal regulations and legislation regarding pools:Currently, in Australia the regulations surrounding pools and child safety are that:*If your pool was built before 1 August 1990 then you do not have to have a swimming pool fence as such, but the pool MUST be isolated from access from the street or from adjoining properties. The pool does not have to be separated from any residential building on the land provided the means of access from the building to the pool is restricted at all times. If your pool was built after 1 August 1990, then you are required to have a child resistant pool fence that complies with Australian Standard 1926-1986 "Fences and Gates for Swimming Pools". You should contact your council for further information on these standards.*Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1987, it is usually the landlord's responsibility for providing and maintaining the premises in a reasonable state of repair, however the tenant is not to intentionally or negligently damage the premises and the tenant must notify the landlord of any damage.*You must acquire an identity card relating to mesh fences from your council to ensure that your fence meets the requirements of government legislation about pool fences.*The government issues recommendations regarding safe water chemical levels that are instructed as important to follow however it is not law to do so.The Public Health Association of Australia resolves that is necessary to enact legislation as follows:* legislation to be enacted to ensure that all new domestic swimming pools are surrounded by approved fences and gates, isolating pools from residences;* retrospective legislation to be enacted requiring homeowners to fence existing residential swimming pools to the same standard as new pools; where this is impracticable other means for achieving child-resistant barriers between houses and pools must be required;* penalties for non-compliance with legislation to be...

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