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Scientists have always been intrigued by how life as we know it came to be. Although humanity may never know the exact way in which life on Earth came to be, there are various versions of how life was created. Various religions have established answers for the origin of the world, even the Quiche` Maya. The “Popul Vuh” was written during the fifteen-hundreds and includes their theories about the beginning of the world, and the text is so special because it is one of the few Guatemalan literary works written in that time period. Some researchers have even accredited it as the “Popul Vuh” as the “Maya Bible” which establishes a better understanding for people of American and European lineage. There are various similarities between the Mayan Perspective and Christianity such as the creation of the Earth.
The beginning of the “Popul Vuh” starts by telling a chronicle of four gods who experiment with creating beings that can praise them, take care of them, and ensure their legacy lives on. The gods had decided to make animals but had soon found out one flaw, the animals could not speak. The gods then made people made out of mud. The mud people could talk but the gods could not understand them. The gods then decided to create people made out of wood. The wood people looked, talked, and multiplied, but did not satisfy the gods. They could not retain memories of their creation, which prevented them from giving thanks to their creators, and they lacked the understanding of the world. The gods had also found it unusual for them to not have blood. The gods were so displeased with their creation that they created a devastating flood that destroyed all of the wooden people. Finally, the gods had had created humans made from corn. The gods were still not satisfied with their creation and soon feared the power that these humans had. The gods gave flaws to humans and made humans less knowledgeable of the world which decreased their power.
In the book of Genesis, God constructs all of life with a week. He creates humans designed in his image last so that they may fill and populate the Earth. God created Adam from and dust and created Eve from one of Adam’s ribs. God grants Adam and Eve the ability to explore the garden of Eden, a sanctuary he made for them, so long as they did not consume any fruit from the tree of knowledge. Adam and Eve consume fruit from the tree of knowledge and are banished from the garden. After further sin, God creates a flood that destroys all life on Earth.
Some distinct connections between the “Popul Vuh” and the Bible are that they both give insight on the beginning of the creation of life as we know it and a reference of a higher being creating man. Both higher beings save the creation of human beings last and while creating everything on Earth beforehand. In both stories the higher being or beings create everything on Earth from the plants-animals. The...

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