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WHAT MAKES YOU POPULAR Extended Definition Essay What makes oneself popular and the others not? Who is the being that drew that line between the cool, and the invisible? Was he popular himself? These days, our society has put people into categories and groups. Much like a crayon box does. Take a typical school for example. You have the outcasts, which can be red. The jocks, which can be blue. The preps, which can be yellow. And your popular group, which can be green. These groups can be put away separate, but one person can put them together. L ...view middle of the document...

It is confounding and unnatural. So how does one define it? As I read through the dictionary under popular, it gave four definitions. The last one being the one that appealed to me the most. It reads "liked by many people." When I read that I just think well, if you are nice to other people they will be nice to you. Therefor, many people would like you. And you'd be popular. That's not how it works.On second thoughts, high school students describe popular as having many friends. Having your name called while walking down the hallway. Getting notes from people. Wearing expensive clothing. Getting many phone calls. Being beautiful. Having lots of money. Having an expensive car or having an older boyfriend or girlfriend.Adults would describe popular as being famous, rich or beautiful. So who is right? The high school students, the adults, or the man who wrote the dictionary? I guess there are different groups of popular people too. It depends on age or just how one may think. So you can't really describe popular in that example sort of way.If I were the being that gave the definition for popular it would be anything and everything. Anyone or anything can be popular. No one can determine ones place on this earth. Only you can. So with that brings confidence to your self. That is popular.


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502 words - 3 pages Jackson increased the popularity of the United States by helping us to become a prosperous nation. Jackson increased the popularity of the United States by helping us to become a prosperous nation. Jackson increased the popularity of the United States by helping us to become a prosperous nation. Jackson increased the popularity of the United States by helping us to become a prosperous nation. Jackson increased the popularity of the United States

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515 words - 3 pages use of tables and graphs, he examines naming patterns for various racial and ethnic groups, including Asian Americans in California, Mexican Americans in Texas, White ethnic groups in Illinois, and Jewish naming patterns in the United States. He also examines African-American naming patterns from slavery forward. In additional analyses, Lieberson provides some interesting looks at issues such as the reasons behind the popularity, or lack of

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359 words - 2 pages government. Obviously, by now you understand that I do not stand for what Senator McCarthy is doing with the people he is trying for treason. It is so unfortunate that his popularity is helping him in his quest to rid the government of alleged communists. His popularity has stopped many officials from questioning his ethics when it comes to criticizing the people he is accusing of having communist ties. I understand that he wants to instill fear in people

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835 words - 4 pages The "Real" World Why do people enjoy watching voyeuristic television shows? The number of viewer for The Real World has nearly tripled in the past three years. There are many other shows gaining popularity as well. Big Brother and Survivor are ideal examples of the two other television programs that have captured millions of viewers hearts. There is a shift to a "reality view" that stands very popular with people ages 8-24. This age group enjoys

Should Free Speech Apply To "Hate" Speech?

513 words - 3 pages irrelevant to its protection. Imagine in today's society someone imparts an unconventional, yet true, idea parallel to the fact that the Earth is round. If freedom of expression is restricted based on the content's popularity this idea's importance would never be comprehended and its use would be lost. Giving relevance to popularity forces conformity and can have grand negative repercussions.One might raise the objection that in the above example the

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503 words - 3 pages behind the Truman doctrine, and the berlin airlift. The last candidate was Thurmond, he had popularity in the south, he believed the government was restricting state rights. He didn’t care about having the most votes he just didn’t want the other two to have a clear majority win. 2. What challenges did Harry Truman encounter when he first became President. (List all that apply) Truman encountered some challenges when he first became President

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606 words - 3 pages Brave New World, ​one of the predominant characters, Bernard Marx, begins as a lonely outcast who despises the society and the way people interact. As the novel progresses, Bernard takes advantage of an outcast much like himself in order to increase his acceptance in society. Characters can endure a loss of identity in different ways. One can be forced due to physical and mental manipulation whereas the other can let an experience of popularity

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376 words - 2 pages popularity of the high-protein diets. I can't delve into the science behind carbohydrates and metabolism in this small space. But here are a few facts:There are two types of carbohydrates, simple and complex. Sugar is a simple carb; rice, potatoes, pasta, breads, fruits, and vegetables provide complex carbs.When dietitians like me recommend eating more carbs, we mean the complex ones, specifically those that are high in fiber -- such as whole

The gap between countries have become smaller and smaller

349 words - 2 pages Free During the last two decades, the whole world has increasingly promoted their connection and cooperation to such a degree that "the global village" is not a catchword any longer. People can share the same enjoyment, even living at the different corner across the world. In my opinion, the growing popularity of this phenomenon has inspired three main benefits below.First of all, it has stimulated people's aspiration for a higher standard of living

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405 words - 2 pages Boston Pizza Boston Pizza is a Canadian fast food restaurant, which began in Edmonton, Alberta, on August 12, 1964. The restaurant had begun operations on 17 different locations in western Canada by 1970. In 1968 a royal Canadian mounted police officer Jim treliving noticed the growing popularity of Boston pizza and he bought the rights to start a restaurant in British Colombia. He was the first franchisees of Boston pizza. At present, Boston

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410 words - 2 pages Free I was quite disappointed. It is best to read a book for learning purposes, interesting new stories and characters, then because of its popularity. My favorite authors have always inspired me to develop my own writing style. Most of my writing has been in French, and it took me quite a while to become fluent in writing in English. As writing is part of my studies, I try to write as part of my routine to improve in that area, it can be a short

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436 words - 2 pages Free enable them to perceive what is lying ahead, envision what may be accomplished, support and rouse different representatives in the association. Solid administration in an association helps in pointing different workers one way and bridles their endeavors together in this manner stimulating them towards particular objectives. For successful running of a business association, there must be a popularity for solid authority. Administration is imperative

The 1960's

458 words - 2 pages Free on his popularity and won the presidency, because his conduct and appearance, it was superior and better than Nixon's. A opinion poll was made to ask the people who do they think won, the people that heard it on the radio said that Nixon won, and the people that watched it on the television said that Kennedy won. Nixon was only four years older than Kennedy, but Kennedy looked younger, that was like most Americans citizens. When Kennedy won the


501 words - 3 pages Free identification allows Macbeth to transcend time.Revenge was also a driving force in this play. Revenge drove both Malcolm and Macduff to pursue and kill Macbeth. Revenge is not unknown to the contemporary reader. The need for retribution and justice has not left the human conscience since the seventeenth century. In writing about revenge, Shakespeare detailed an intrinsic human emotion that is not lost through the ages.Macbeth's continued popularity rests in the simple fact that it appeals to the emotions of all people. The forces that drove Macbeth are the forces that drive all mankind. Time is of no