Population Growth In The United State Kansas State Research

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Name: Andre McCallop Jr
Step 1: Check in with your body
Without shifting or adjusting your posture, take note of how you are sitting. In the space below, describe the physical position of your body from head to toe. What are your head, neck, and shoulders doing? How is your torso positioned? Where are your legs, knees, ankles, and feet?
I am standing half way on and off my bed , my legs on straight and my feet are flat touching the ground , my right left is up like almost under my bed with the back leg supporting it. As for my upper body it’s almost at a 90 degree angle with shoulder trap slightly up on the back. My neck is almost even with my shoulders.
Next, check in with how you feel in this posture. What thoughts pop up when you hold your body this way?
Step 2: Practicing power posing and more subtle expansive postures
Power posing offers an effective tactic for boosting your confidence in preparation for a high stakes situation. (Note that using power poses in actual interactions is not effective, as it can be unnecessarily domineering. In interactions, adopt an open, good posture that signals both confidence and engagement.)
In this activity, you’ll try out a power pose to see how it changes your outlook. Spend about five minutes trying out each of the four poses below with your partner. Spend about a minute trying each pose and considering where you might see yourself using it.
• Wonder Woman: Stand with your hands on your hips and your feet shoulder width apart.
• V for Victory: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart ...


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