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Porter 5 forces Analysis for JetBlue AirwayPotential Competitors: Low- Rivalry among existing firms is intense, which affect the profits to be low. It¡¦s unattractive to the potential competitors.- High initial investments and fixed costs such as lease a fleet of safe and reliable aircraft, negotiate reasonable gate access and landing fees as well as high labor and fuel costs.- There are the price competitions in the airline industry, which some major airlines offer the low-price fares that is very difficult for new entrants to gain enough profit to cover the investment and fix cost in this industry.Rivalry among Existing Firms: High- Currently, there are many major airlines such as Del ...view middle of the document...

- Leisure travelers who are not sensitive with the price and most of them are loyalty to the particular industry that offer the best service and offer the best flying experience.- There are many airlines in the market that offers the same flying experience in the low-price.Bargaining Power of Suppliers: High- Boeing and Airbus are the only two suppliers of new aircraft for commercial passenger airlines. This allows them to have power of suppliers in the airline industry.- Airline workers are unionized, which let them have power of labor supply.- OPEC countries have the significant impact for airline industry. The reason is that the fuel is another substantial input cost for airlines, ranging from about 8% to 10% of revenues. Currently, the fuel for the aircraft are rising then the affect from oil price increasing push some airline companies to loss revenue in year 2005 such as Delta and Jet Blue.Substitute Products: Medium- For short flight, the substitute could be the automobile.- Faxes, teleconferencing and videoconferencing can substitute traveling by plane for business travelers.- Switching cost for customers from airplane to automobile and other technologies save the money for a lot of travelers.Relative Power of Other Stakeholders- Internal Revenue Service has just published the mileage deduction rate for 2006. It is 44.5 cents a mile. That's down from 48.5 cents a mile for the last four months of 2005, which reflected a special adjustment for rising gasoline prices;- Long Beach communities files charges against airlines for noise violations.- Customers file against Jet Blue for showing the passengers data to the third party.


Assignment On Jetblue Crisis Management

2384 words - 10 pages United States causing many disruptions in flight schedules as most airlines had responded by canceling flights schedules for that week. However, JetBlue was very optimistic and were convinced that the weather would improve and they would be able to fly. Thus, they boarded passengers but were unable to take off due to bad weather conditions. This decision had led to nine airplanes full of passengers being stuck on board planes for over 11 hours

JetBlue Case Study

7055 words - 29 pages expensive business however, one can expect high returns and rapid growth that follows.This report describes the process of going public by first explaining the importance and application of firm valuation. The second part of the report introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the transformation. The third part of this report summarises main methods of firm valuation which follows by the illustration of a valuation for JetBlue. In addition, to the

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6218 words - 25 pages Free and automatically assigns all registered customers to the closest location First pizza chain to make online ordering available to its customers. Competitive disadvantages Takes carryout and delivery orders Offer simples menu Pizza Hut 5 Forces[Adapted from M.E. Porter, Competitive Strategy, Free Press, 1980]Threats of new entrants - new entrants in the pizza industry could be a threat in Pizza Hut because it can lessen the market share of the

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7959 words - 32 pages environment is divided into macro-environment, industry (sector) and competitors. Thus this paradigm becomes the basis of analysis.Fig 2.1: external analysisSources: Johnson et al (2008) Basis of analysis Macro environment Pest Analysis, Scenario Planning Industry Porter's 5 forces, Swot Analysis, Competitor Strategic mapping, Competitors analysis, Macro environment analysisFirms are influenced generally by political, economic

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1310 words - 6 pages Free employ on French soil from British employment contracts to more expensive French ones.Ryanair took the initiative over illegal aid to rivals B- Porter Five Forces: Analysis of the low- Cost Airline industry

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2435 words - 10 pages beliefs that interact with people within the organisation (Sun, 2009). Organisational culture is important for the future of Uber as it can influence consistent service without a chain of command or conventional sanctions. Reconfiguring Uber’s culture to be more ethical and responsible will not only improve the quality of their drivers it will help build a better relationship with its customers. Question 2 Michael Porter introduced the concept of

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3555 words - 15 pages ). Operations management for competitive advantage. Boston: Mc-Graw Hill, 64, 70. Koutsochera, D. (2012). Analysis of UK Grocery Retailers -Tesco- using competitive strategies. Mahadevan, B. (2000). Business Models for Internet-Based E-Commerce: An Anatomy. California Management Review, 42(4), 55–69. Michael E. Porter. "The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy", Harvard Business Review, January 2008 (Vol. 88, No. 1), pp. 78-93. PDF Patel, S

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1348 words - 6 pages does life start. I also agree with fact that the interest should rest solely on what’s best for the baby not the interest of the mother. One thing for certain is aborting a fetus because of these reasons is punishment, but punishment to the wrong individual. 3. Abortion and Infanticide Porter, L. (2013). Abortion, infanticide and moral context. Journal of Medical Ethics, 39(5), 350. doi:http://dx.doi.org.chamberlainuniversity.idm.oclc.org/10.1136

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1056 words - 5 pages marketing team 4. International distribution network 5. Market leader for smoothies in Germany 6. Use of exclusive, quality ingredients 7. Innovative production methods 8. Makes use of progressive technology and invests in new technology (high focus on innovation and market research) 9. High brand equity 10. Emotional affiliation with consumers Weaknesses 1. Limited experience in expanding to countries outside the EU region 2. Businesss

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7137 words - 29 pages both hardware and software are making big progress. The online gaming industry is basically attractive through Porter's Five Forces analysis. Urgent affairs for China's online gaming industry should focus on integrating resources, further improving game quality, and avoiding excessive competition. In addition, strategic group map reveals that TC should strive to win more market share to accomplish its short-term goal and consolidate its long-term

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2614 words - 11 pages secretion A.M.B. oxygen saturation of 90% on room air. Short-term goal: Patient will explain method useful to enhance secretion removal within the next 8 hours. Long-term goal: Patient will maintain a patent airway at all times for the next 5 days. 1.Nurse will encourage hydration. 2. Nurse will give medication (bronchodilators) 3. Nurse will administer (1-2L of oxygen via nasal cannula. #3: Activity intolerance R.T. COPD A.M.B: respiratory muscle

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3912 words - 16 pages , et al, 2012) The implementations for low levels of oxygen saturation require regular interval checks for BP and SpO2 levels. It also requires a complete respiratory and airway inspection of the patient and in the adverse condition, the patient needs to be provided with supplemental oxygen. (Wereszczak, 2015) Evaluation Evaluating complete nursing care provided helps to measure the outcomes and hence depicts the success of the care plan as well

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2434 words - 10 pages using competing technologies to compete in the market?” With the help of Michael Porter strategic tools, the reader will understand both companies’ business strategies, their current position, the way how these two companies can improve themselves. Introduction The entertainment industry is fragmented; for example, there are many companies which create animated movies, cartoons, video games, feature films, some are even involved in the operation

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8971 words - 36 pages new trend of tourism that looks for quality issue respecting the environment in non overcrowded destinations where tourists enjoy the nature environment and respect it.Legal factors:The pertinent authority in New Zealand must allow the companies to exploit the natural resources.3.2 Porter's Five ForcesAccording to Thomson referencing to Porter, there are five forces that determine the profitability of an industry. Porter argues that it is

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1861 words - 8 pages avoid the possible risk of exposure to disease. In a majority of organisms, this detection of a potential threat is done primarily by the olfactory and gustatory systems (5). The detection of the presence of pathogenic organisms in the environment involves various molecular mechanisms to function at a high capacity. To begin, the host must be able to recognize a high pathogen density. For many organisms, including pathogens, it is a natural