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This source is a statement relating to the belief that ultranationalism is an illogical extension of nationalism, and that it is a driving force for war as the best way to solve a nation state’s problems. After reading the source, it is clear that the author of this clearly has a very negative stance on ultranationalism. This is clearly shown when the author describes ultranationalism as being “manufactured out of lies by power-hungry individuals, lies that intensify and misconstrue the idea of us vs them”. What the author is also trying to say by this, is that ultranationalism is a very strong force in the hands of leaders, and is a very effective means of pitting people against other collectives. When the author says “Lies that place emphasis on war as the primary resolution of conflict”, they are stating that there are many unnecessary wars fought because of ultranationalism, as a means to resolve conflicts. There are those such as the jewish population during the 1940’s who would greatly embrace this perspective, because they were affected by the effects of German ultranationalism, and the discrimination that usually comes along with ultranationalism. At the same time, there would also be those such as Adolf Hitler, who would not embrace this source at all, because ultranationalism was the foundation for his reign because it served as a very strong force to help him pit all of Germany against the Jewish population and was also a means of glorifying his image to his peoples. I strongly agree with this source because of the fact that 1. Ultranationalism has lead to countless genocides/crimes against humanity and is almost always consists of some degree of racism, and 2. how ultranationalism also is a major driving force for many wars and conflicts.
This source directly describes how ultranationalism is illogical, and consists of many lies made from power hungry individuals, or leaders. Of these lies, many of them consist of some degree of racism and discrimination, which can, and has in the past, lead to future genocides, and crimes against humanity. It is often said that ultranationalism almost always has some degree of racism, as a result of this, dictators often find themselves scapegoating and going out of their way to cause unnecessary discrimination to a certain group of people for their problems. Scapegoats are very effective in the hands of the leader, and often are very successful in causing lots of discrimination on a certain group of people. There are many examples of this throughout history, a prime example of this is the Turkish genocide of Armenia. When the Armenians were scapegoats for the Turkis...


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